Yamaha EF6300iSDE Inverter Portable Generator Review

Yamaha EF6300iSDE inverter Generator

Yamaha EF6300iSDE Generator

The Yamaha EF6300iSDE gas powered inverter generator is the most powerful gas powered portable inverter generator in Yamaha’s lineup. This is a CARB compliant model.

Yamaha is a well-known name when it comes gas powered equipment. Their generators are known for their reliability and performance.. Inverter generators are more efficient than conventional generators because they adjust RPMs to match the load they are subjected to, and thus they conserve fuel.

They also give out cleaner (low harmonic distortion) electricity that is safe for your sensitive electronic equipment. The Yamaha EF6300iSDE inverter generator is designed to supply dual voltage that will allow you to run 120V and 240V equipment with this generator making it ideal for all types of uses.

Power Output and Generation

The Yamaha EF 6300iSDE inverter generator is equipped with 357cc OHV air cooled 4 stroke single cylinder Yamaha engine which lets it deliver 5,500 watts of continuous rated power while being able to surge up to 6,300 watts.
The generator has an electric start and comes with a VRLA (valve regulated lead acid) battery. It is a 12V/18Ah battery. For this battery a special constant voltage charger is required or you can damage the battery if it needs charging.

Outlet Configuration:

The electric generation use an inverter to produce quality power, often referred to as clean power. This units configuration uses two circuits to power the outlets.

NEMA5 Receptacle

Two G.F.C.I. type 5-20R receptacles have max capacity of 2400W with a 20 amp load breaker and is powered by one circuit.

L5-30RThe L5-30  receptacle has 22.9 amps for a max output of  2748W and is powered by the second circuit.

L14-30RAnd the L14-30 has no breaker but allows the 22.9A max output of the generator to be utilized for each circuit for a total of 5500W rated.

The description of power use in the Yamaha manual can be a little confusing. The 120V max output is 45.8A which is a little less than the rated 5500W which is divided into two circuits. If using the 240V outlet the amperage is 22.9A total.

When switched to 240V use you can use both the L14 and the 5 or L5 outlets, but restricted to a total output of 5500W or 2748W per circuit. That would be applied as 22.9A to each 120V circuit.

Please note that the generator is not intended to run for long periods of time at this full rated load.

Fuel Type and Noise Levels:

The Yamaha EF6300iSDE inverter generator uses gasoline as fuel. It has a large fuel tank which can hold 4.5 gallons which is advertised to let it run for 13 hours on one tank of gas at 25% load capacity. Since most folks will likely be approaching a 50% load you can still expect more than 8 hours of run time.

The economy control switch technology lets you run more efficiently when you have power variations saving you fuel costs.

This generator uses noise block technology which keeps the noise level to 64dB which is very quiet for a generator which can produce 5,500 watts of electrical power. Most units run in the 70dB range, at this level it will not annoy most folks that are outside the immediate vicinity of the generator.

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Dimensions and Weight

The EF6300iSDE inverter generator is quite compact with overall dimensions of 30.7 x 24.3 x 27.2 inches ( L x W x H ) and it weighs in at 200 lbs.

With the four wheel setup it is easy to move around more compact in size than other units of this output.

Typical Uses and Needs

The Yamaha EF6300iSDE inverter generator at 5,500 watts of continuous power and surge of 6,300 watts can supply both 120Volts as well as 240 Volts while producing clean electricity.

You can use this generator to power your home during power outages and can confidently run your sensitive electronic equipment. You can also use this generator to run power tools or equipment that uses 240 Volts.

Being portable means that this generator can supply you with electrical power wherever you may need it, be it a job site to run power tools and equipment or even when you are camping to run your lights and other electrical appliances. This generator is very quiet allowing you to use it confidently without disturbing neighbors or at event gatherings.

Display & Control Panel, Start-up

Yamaha-ef6300isde-control-panelThe control Panel of the Yamaha EF6300iSDE inverter generator is very simple to use. It is located on the side of the generator.

When you face the control panel you will find to your extreme left The Hour meter which tells you the hours your generator has run, next to it you have the Power meter which lets you know how much power you are using.

Below these meters you will find that you have three lights. The one to the extreme left is Oil warning light, next to it you have the AC pilot light and next to that you have the Overload indicator light.

To the right of the Power meter you have a set of duplex GFCI 120 volt 20 amp receptacles. Above these receptacles you have the circuit breaker for these receptacles. To the right you have a 120Volt 30 amp twist lock receptacle above which you have the circuit breaker for that receptacle. To the right of this receptacle you have the 120Volt/ 240Volt receptacle.

Below the receptacles to the left you have the Economy control switch which lets you run the generator on economy mode saving you fuel.

Moving the right you have the Voltage selector switch which lets you select the voltage of the output and to the right of this switch you have the Engine switch with which you can start, run or stop the generator.

Below the Voltage selector switch you have the Ground terminal and to the right of this terminal you have the Fuel valve.

Start up

The Yamaha EF6300iSDE inverter generator is equipped with an electrical start system. Before starting the generator you need to check the engine oil level. Check to see that there is sufficient fuel in the fuel tank. Disconnect all loads from the generator. Here are the steps to be taken to start this generator.

  1. Turn the Economy switch to the Off position.
  2. Turn the voltage selector switch to the operating voltages of the devices that you would be using.
  3. Turn the Fuel valve to the On position.
  4. Turn the Engine switch to the On position.
  5. Turn the Engine switch to the Start position. Release the switch immediately when the engine of the generator starts.

Shut Down

  1. Turn Off and disconnect all electrical devices.
  2. Turn the Engine switch to the Stop position.
  3. Turn the Fuel valve to the Off position.

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Additional Features

Here are some of the features of the EF6300iSDE inverter generator.

  1. It has an electric start which makes it very easy to start the generator.
  2. It is equipped with Noise Block technology which lets it run very quietly.
  3. It delivers clean electrical energy which is safe for your sensitive electronic equipment.
  4. It has a smart throttle which adjusts the engine speed according to the load, saving fuel and lowers engine wear.
  5. It has an automatic choke for easy starting.
  6. It is equipped with low oil shut off to protect the engine.
  7. It can supply either 120 volts or 240 volts.
  8. It has a fuel gauge which lets you see the amount of fuel in the tank.
  9. It has a Power meter which lets you know how much power is still available.
  10. It has an Hour meter letting you know the hours it has run.
  11. It is CARB compliant and available in all 50 states.
  12. It is equipped with 4 wheels and 2 handles which makes it easy to move.

Care and Maintenance and Use

In order to have your Yamaha FE6300iSDE performing at its best and to ensure that it gives you long efficient service, you will have to do some periodic maintenance and inspection.

The manual is laid out in a simple to understand format and gives good direction on performing maintenance items. Here is the recommended maintenance schedule as recommended by Yamaha for your generator.

Before every operation

  1. Check the fuel level and also check for leakages.
  2. Check fuel hose for cracks or damage.
  3. Check the engine oil level.

After first month or 20 hours

  1. Replace engine oil.

Every 6 months or every 100 hours

  1. Check spark plug and replace if necessary.
  2. Replace the engine oil.
  3. Check and clean the air filter.
  4. Check and clean the muffler screen. Replace if necessary.
  5. Check and clean the spark arrester. Replace if necessary.

Every 12 months or 300 hours

  1. Check and clean the fuel filter. Replace if necessary.
  2. Check breather hose for cracks or damage. Replace if necessary.
  3. Decarbonize cylinder head.
  4. Check and adjust valve clearances.
  5. Check all fittings and fasteners.

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Warranty and Repairs

Yamaha - 3 Year Limited WarrantyThe Yamaha EF6300iSDE inverter generator is covered by a limited warranty for a period of 3 years from date of purchase. Yamaha dealer or authorized service agent will replace or repair any part that is judged to be defective in material or faulty workmanship free of cost to the consumer.

This warranty is transferable to a subsequent consumer as long as the generator is inspected and registered within 10 days of the transfer.

Consumer Comments

The Yamaha EF6300iSDE inverter generator gets better than a 90% star rating by customers.

Those who bought this generator all liked its performance. Some of the customers liked the way it was built and that it ran very quietly. Other customers who bought this generator commented on its efficiency and the clean energy it produced.

They liked the fact that they could run sensitive electronic equipment safely while running the generator. Some customers also commented on the ease of starting this generator, they likened it to starting a car.

A few of the customers also liked the fact that this generator had the power to almost run their whole house. A few customers commented on the fact that this generator could run for 13 hours on one tank of gas. Though most customers were happy with the performance of this generator a few of them found that it was difficult to change oil and service the generator due to the design which made it difficult.

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Pros & Cons


  • It has an electric start.
  • It has noise block technology which makes it very quiet to run.
  • It produces clean electricity that makes it safe to run sensitive electronic equipment.
  • It is CARB compliant and available in all 50 states.
  • It has a smart throttle which adjusts the engine speed to match the demand saving fuel, lowering the noise level and saving on wear and tear on the engine.
  • It has an automatic choke that makes it easier to start.
  • It has low oil shut off to protect the engine.
  • It is capable of delivering either 120Volts or 240 Volts.
  • It has a Power meter which lets you see how much power is available.
  • It has a hour meter to let you know how many hours it has run.
  • It has 4 wheel and 2 handles which make it easy to move it around.


  • When performing maintenance some customers found the covers are difficult to reinstall after you have taken them off.
  • As with many of these compact units it is difficult to drain the engine oil and also to fill it.
  • To remove the spark plug needs a special tool because of its location.


The Yamaha EF6300iSDE inverter generator is available online for over $4,000.00 plus $200.00 for shipping but you can get it on Amazon for under $3,800 with free shipping.


There are a few accessories that are available for the Yamaha EF6300iSDE inverter generator.

You can get a generator cover for the generator to keep it safe from the elements when not in use.

Yamaha ACC-GNCVR-45-01 Generator Cover for Models EF4500iSE and EF6300iSDE

Also available is a funnel with a flexible spout to help you fill the engine oil.

TEKTON 6094 2-In-1 Funnel with Flex Extension 40 oz.

There are various sizes of power cords available to help you run your various appliances.

Conntek 14350 RV Power Cord 25-Foot RV 30 Amp Male Plug To 30 Amp Locking Female Connctor

Conntek 20571 Generator Extension Cord 25-Foot 10/3 30 Amp 3 Prong NEMA L5-30 Eextension Cord

You can also get a RV adapter plug for L5 to RV30.

Reliance Controls AP31RV 30 Amp L5-30 to RV Generator Power Adapter Plug

Go Here to see more power cords

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The Yamaha EF6300iSDE inverter generator is a 5,500 watts of continuous power with 6,300 watts of surge capacity. It supplies clean electricity which is safe for all sensitive electronic equipment. It is also capable of delivering either 120 Volts or 240Volts.

This generator is also portable and has 4 wheels and 2 handles to help move it easily. With a over 8 hours of half load capacity and more than a half day on one tank of fuel at ¼ load capacity makes it a very economical generator.

This generator is ideal as a backup power source to run the electrical appliances in your home in times of power outages. Being portable means that you can use this generator anywhere you may need electricity. It can easily be used to power your cabin in the woods or to power the job site where there is no electricity available. You could also take this generator camping to power your lights and other electrical appliances. It is also great for tailgating parties or other outdoor events needing a quality and sufficient amount of power.

Although it’s on the pricy side you’re paying for quality construction, including quiet technology design, reliability and a great warranty. It will run you in capital outlay, but is worth the extra you are paying. It has real value built into the product and it does cost you.

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