Sunforce 44444 12 Volt 400 Watt Wind Generator

Sunforce 44444 12V 400W Wind Generator

Sunforce 44444 12V 400W Wind Generator

The Sunforce 44444 wind generator harnesses the power of wind to produce electricity by converting the mechanical energy of the spinning blades into electrical current.

Company Info

This 12 Volt 400 Watt wind generator is one of Sunforce Products Inc. offerings. The company was formed in 2003 and is dedicated to renewable energy. Among its product line are both solar as well as wind powered products. Sunforce aims to provide its customers with simple green energy solutions that include solar as well as wind kits that the customer can install on his own without the help of electricians or specialized contractors.

Construction and Assembly

The Sunforce 44444 wind generator has only two moving parts which make it virtually maintenance free. It is made from lightweight aluminum and is weatherproof. It has patented carbon fiber composite blades that give out low wind noise.

Though this wind generator requires assembly, it is easy to install and can be mounted to any any sturdy pole or building where it can catch the wind. Sunforce also has a wind generator 30 foot tower kit that can be used to mount this wind generator. This generator uses a 12 volt battery to store its charge and it has dimensions of 15 x 9 x 27 inches ( W x H x D ) and it weighs in at 16.4 lbs.

Battery Charging

It also has a patented high wind over speed technology that guarantees a smooth clean charge of your batteries. This wind generator has a fully integrated regulator that shuts off the power when your batteries are fully charged which minimizes the wear on the batteries.. This feature helps to prevent the batteries from overcharging and ensuring a longer life.

The Sunforce 44444 wind generator use

This unit is a convenient way to generate electric power which is renewable and does not create any pollution. This generator can be used to charge 12 Volt batteries that can supply you with your electrical needs to power various equipment, nearly anywhere like at your cabin or at a job site.

It can also be used as an addition to existing renewable power systems. When paired with solar panels it can help charge the batteries at night or when there isn’t sufficient sunlight.

Output and Energy Storage

This generator can supply you with 400 watts of electrical power when running at maximum efficiency. This generator does not store power directly but will charge 12 volt batteries which store the electrical power.

It is not advisable to connect this generator directly to an appliance as it could damage the appliance or the wind generator.

Dimensional Factors

It requires an 8 mph wind speed to start generating power and as the wind speed increases the power output increases. The Sunforce 44444 400 watt wind generator can provide an average monthly output of 38 kilowatt hours with an average wind speed of 12mph.

Since the Sunforce 44444 wind generator uses the speed of the wind to produce electrical power, it is important to choose the right site to install this generator. Also to be noted is that the wind speed increases as you go higher from the ground, placing this generator at the right height to catch the wind is also important.

User Comments

The Sunforce 44444 400 watt 12 volt wind generator gets average ratings of around 3 stars. The customer comments for this product are varied, but those customers who understood the claims of the company and understood the manual of this product said that this wind generator performed as stated.

When used as prescribed by the company, customers found that this wind generator could charge their batteries. Some of the customers who used this wind generator along with solar panels were happy that they could charge their batteries even when they had no sunlight.

Some of the customers did not think that this wind generator could supply enough power to charge their batteries, but then they may have not taken into consideration the wind speed that is required by the generator to produce sufficient electrical power.

Many of the customers also commented on the fact that this wind generator was manufactured in the USA and not in China as most other similar products. Some of the customers who had negative comments about this wind generator compared it to the output of the solar panels they were using. This wind generator variable output may not produce as much output as some solar panels but it can complement the solar panels to charge the batteries.

Location Usage

Unobstructed Location

When you consider the Sunforce 12 volt 400 watt wind generator as a power source, you have to take into consideration your location. Since this generator uses wind to produce electrical power, it is critical that the generator is installed where it will receive enough wind speed to generate electrical power. Avoid wind blocking obstructions or areas where vortexes are created to get the best efficiency from the wind generator.


The Sunforce 44444 400 Watt 12 Volt wind generator uses the power of the wind to supply you with free nonpolluting electrical energy. This generator can help you reduce your electrical energy bills while being able to supply you with electricity off the grid.

Direct use of the wind generator to appliances or equipment is not a proper use of this generator. Best and ideal use is for charging 12 volt batteries. The batteries can be used off the grid to power your cabin in the woods or even to power electrical equipment when there is no electricity available.

Its integrated regulator will automatically shut off the power when your batteries are fully recharged. This wind generator requires almost no maintenance, which means that you can use it safely to supply your 12 volt batteries with electric power. It can also be used along with solar panels to help maintain the charge in your batteries.

For environmentally minded folks and for those needing other power options a Sunforce 44444 wind generator can be a good choice for alternate power needs.

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