Standby and Portable Generator Buyer’s Guide

Before You Buy a Portable or Standby Generator…

Get Informed, Consider All the Options, Size it Right!

Introducing PowerupGenerator’s Portable Generator Buyer’s Guide! Learn More:

PortableGenerator Buyers Guide

This Portable Generator Buyer’s Guide is a comprehensive consumer based buying guide.

Avoid the pitfalls many folks face, this guide was specifically developed to help you make the right decisions.

Addresses needs for standby generators as well.

Includes Excel Worksheets for calculating loads, proper sizing, and over 15 other considerations for all your generator needs.

Also included is the Transfer Switch Installation Tips Bonus Report; to help you avoid the common and not so common problems.

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Customer Feedback:

…..About your Buyer’s Guide: Wow.

…. I was happy to contribute to your coffee fund, because when the next storm hits, (it’s more likely that) I’ll be warm & comfortable, inside drinking my coffee, with the power on.

My parents, too. …… Keeping them safe & warm: that’s what this is all about.

Very best regards, Dustin F.



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