Sportsman GEN4000LP 3250/4000 Watt Generator Portable Generator Review

Sportsman Gen 3500/4000LP

Sportsman Gen 3500/4000LP

The Sportsman GEN 4000LP 3250/4000 watt generator is marketed by Buffalo Tools. This generator is a mid sized Liquid Propane fueled portable generator. Although this model is not CARB compliant there is a version which meets those requirements

Buffalo Tools is an importer of quality tools for home and industrial use and has been in the market since 1964. Buffalo Tools does not sell directly to the consumer but has retailers all over the country. This 4000LP  generator is one of the products that they market.

Fueled by Liquid Propane it is a useful generator to have during emergencies or even to take camping or tailgating. It is also a practical supply for power at small job sites where you need to use power tools.

Standard Model:

CARB complaint: Sportsman GEN4000LPC 3250/4000 Watt LP Generator

Power Output and Generation

The Sportsman GEN 4000LP 3250/4000 watt generator is equipped with a 7 HP 4 stroke OHV engine that runs on Propane.

This generator is capable of producing 3250 watts of electrical power (~20 amps) continuously while being able to surge up to 4000 watts.

Sportsman 4000LP EngineThe 2 outlets on this machine are simple 5-20R, therefore you can utilize the two outlets combined up to the 20 amps @ 120V. There is no 240V outlet. It also has a DC output up to 10 amps for battery charging. .

Fuel Type and Noise Levels:

The Sportsman GEN4000LP generator uses propane as its fuel which is more stable than gasoline and is easier to store for long periods.

It can run for up to 10 hours at 50% load on one tank of 20lbs propane. For a generator that runs on propane, this generator is quiet producing less than 68Db of sound.

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Dimensions and Weight

The GEN4000LP generator has overall dimensions of 23 x 17.5 x 17 inches ( L x H x W ) and it weighs in at 120 lbs. This is compact for easy storage and can fit nicely in your small garage along side the wall.

This model does not have a mobility kit and Buffalo tools apparently doesn’t sell a seperate wheel kit for this model, therefore will need a few people to move it around. It is possible to adapat a wheel kit and many have looked to the Durostar DS4000S-WK Wheel Kit.

DuroStar DS4000S-WK Wheel Kit for DS4000S

Lifan LFWKT Universal Wheel Kit for Small Frame Units

Typical Uses and Needs

The Sportsman GEN4000LP generator uses Propane as fuel which is cheaper and more convenient than gasoline, both to store as well as to use. With a continuous output of 3250 watts and being able to surge up to 4000 watts and being able to run for 10 hours at 50% load capacity on 1 20lb propane tank, makes it ideal for use while camping or even at the cabin in the woods.

It is a robust generator and can even be used to power essentials at home in times of power outages. It can also be used at job sites to power your tools when there is no electricity available.

The limitation will be that you have only 20 amps and only 2 standard 5-20R receptacles available. In considering this unit you will want to ensure that your intended appliance and tool requirements are met.

Display & Control Panel, Start-up

Sportsman 4000LP Control Panel

Sportsman 4000LP Control Panel

The generator has a very simple and easy to use control panel. When you face the control panel you find that it has a AC reset button at the very left which controls the 120 Volt AC receptacle that is next to it. You then have another 120 Volt AC receptacle to the right and another AC reset button that controls this outlet.

Next to the AC reset button on the right you have the DC reset button that controls the DC 12 Volt outlet that is situated below the reset button and next to the 12 Volt DC outlet you have the ground terminal.

Start up

It uses a recoil rope system to start the engine of the generator.

Before starting the generator you need to check and see that it has sufficient oil. Check to see that the generator is placed on a level surface and that it has a proper ground attached to it, you also need to check that the gas inlet connection is tightly fixed and not leaking.

Here are the steps to be taken to start the generator.

  1. Check and see that there are no loads connected to the generator.
  2. Open the fuel supply source.
  3. Turn the engine switch to the ON position.
  4. Turn the fuel valve to the ON position.
  5. Move the Choke lever to the Choke position.
  6. Hold the starter grip and pull slowly till you feel a resistance, then pull rapidly.
  7. After the engine starts return the starter grip slowly by hand.
  8. Move the Choke lever to the Run position.
  9. Let the engine warm up for a couple of minutes before connecting any loads.

Shut Down

  1. Turn Off all connected devices and unplug them from the generator.
  2. Allow the generator to run for a couple of minutes without any load to stabilize the temperature of the generator.
  3. Turn OFF the engine switch.
  4. Turn the fuel valve to the OFF position.

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Basic Features

Here are some of the features of the Sportsman GEN4000LP Propane powered generator.

  1. Has a 7 HP 4 stroke OHV air cooled engine.
  2. It has an automatic low oil shut down to protect the engine.
  3. It has an automatic voltage regulator.
  4. It can run for 10 hours at 50% load capacity on one 20lb tank of propane.
  5. It can deliver 3250 watts of continuous power and can surge up to 4000 watts.
  6. It has two 120 Volt AC outlets and one 12 Volt DC outlet.
  7. It is comparatively quiet producing less than 68 Db of sound. About the level of small highway background noise.

Care and Maintenance and Use

To get the most out of your Sportsman GEN4000LP generator you will need to do periodic maintenance which will help your generator give you trouble free service as well as run very economically. Here is the maintenance schedule as recommended by Buffalo Tools.

Every Use

  1. Check engine oil.
  2. Check air filter.

First 20 hours

  1. Replace engine oil.

Every 3 months or after 50 hours

  1. Clean air filter.

Every 6 months or after 100 hours.

  1. Replace engine oil.
  2. Check and clean spark plug.

Each year or after 300 hours

  1. Clean the spark plug.

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Warranty and Repairs

The Sportsman GEN4000LP generator comes with a 1 year limited warranty as stated on their website promotion page..

Emission related warranty though covers it for a period of 2 years. In the manual though it states that the generators are covered by a 90 day limited warranty where the generators are warranted to be free from defects in workmanship and parts for a period of 90 days from purchase and NB corp will repair or replace at its discretion any part that is proven to be defective.

At this point the stated 1 year warranty appears to be in effect, however, the manuals have not been updated.

Consumer Comments

The Sportsman GEN4000LP propane powered generator gets very good ratings on Amazon.

Most of the customers who bought this generator were happy with its performance. They especially liked the fact that it ran on propane and that it was a much easier fuel to use than gasoline.

The customers also liked the fact that this generator performed as it was supposed to and that it ran for 10 hours or more on 50% load.

Some of the customers were not happy with the construction of some of the parts of the generator. They had complaints about the Choke lever being too fragile, also some of them received defective generators and had to wait for replacement parts or get the whole generator replaced. Hopefully they will take this into consideration for future production and beef up the minor parts.

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Pros & Cons


  • It runs on Propane which is easier to use and store than gasoline.
  • It can run for 10 hours at halfload capacity for a 20lb tank of propane.
  • It can deliver 3250 watts of continuous power and surge up to 4000 watts.
  • It is comparatively economical in price.
  • It is quiet producing less than 68Db of sound.
  • It has overload protected outlets.
  • It has an automatic voltage regulator.
  • It has a low oil shut off to protect the engine.


  • At 120 lbs it is very heavy and it does not come with a wheel kit which makes it difficult to move it around.
  • The choke lever is made of plastic which can easily break.
  • It has only two 120 Volt outlets and no twist lock outlet.
  • It does not come with holder for the LP tank.


The Sportsman GEN4000LP generator is available at many stores for a price of around $360.00. Most of the stores also offer free shipping on this generator. It is available at Amazon for $360.00 with free shipping. Note that some title miss label this as a 6.5HP engine.


Accessories for this generator include a dust cover which helps to keep the generator protected from the elements when not in use.

Sportsman GENCOVM Protective Generator Cover, Medium

Also available are propane tank gauges that help you know how much fuel is in the tank.

Flame King YSN-212 Propane Cylinder Gas Gauge Meter

As well you can get an extension hose for your LP tank:

Sportsman GENLPH5 Regulator Hose for LP Generators, 5-Feet

You can also get power cords of different lengths to help you connect your appliances to the generator.

15 Foot 5-20P to 5-20R Extension Power Cord, 20 Amps, 125V – UL Listed

Coleman Cable 026188802 20-Amp Generator Cord 5-20P to 5-20R, Lighted, 50-Feet

Yellow Jacket 2991 20-Amp Generator Cord with T-Blade 5-20 Lighted Ends, 50-Feet

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The Sportsman GEN4000LP uses liquid propane for fuel. This is a much safer fuel to store as well as use than gasoline. It is a very efficient generator being able to run for 10 hours at 50% load capacity on one 20lb tank of propane.

It is comparatively more economical as compared to similar sized generators.

It can deliver 3250 watts of continuous power while being able to surge up to 4000 watts, but utilizes only two 5-20R receptaclas that share the 20 amps of output available.

This generator is useful to have as a backup for your home to run the essentials during power outages. By being economical to run and also producing less noise than similar generators makes it acceptable for camping or tailgating. It can also supply you with electrical power in your cabin in the woods. It is also a good source of power to run power tools at a job site where you need electrical power.

Standard Model:

CARB Model: Sportsman GEN4000LPC 4000 Watt LP Generator

Similar Generation Units:

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