Sportsman GEN 7000LP 6000/7000 Watt Portable Generator Review

Sportsman 6000W/7000W LP Portable Generator

Sportsman 6000W/7000W LP Portable Generator

The Sportsman GEN 7000LP is a propane powered generator which is brought to you by Buffalo Tools. In the market since 1964, Buffalo Tools has been importing a wide range of quality products for home as well as industry while also making them available at an affordable price.

When it comes to portable generators to provide you with electrical power, propane generators have many advantages over similar gas powered generators. Propane is safer and easier to store than gasoline, as well propane has a long shelf life and you do not have to worry about the carburetor getting gummed up like it can in a gas powered generator. Often propane is available at most times even during power outages while gas pumps may not be able to sell gas due to the power outage.

GEN 7000LP:

CARB Compliant Model is GEN7000LPC.

Power Output and Generation

The Sportsman GEN 7000LP has a 13 hp OHV 4 stroke engine to power it. It uses a forced air cooling system.

The power supplied allows a generator output of 6000 watts of continuous power while being able to surge up to 7000 watts. It is an electric start with recoil rope alternate. However, the battery is not included with this model. The manufacture indicates the ideal battery required is 7 1/8” L x 6” H x 3’W, 130 Min CCA Cold Cranking Amps. See list in accessories section for compatible models as promoted by Buffalo Tools.

At this high wattage and providing 20 lb. propane tank (typical gas grill LP tank), this generator is capable of running for full work day at half load. Getting 3 to 4 hours out at near full load is likely.

Electrical output.

The available outlets are: One 12V DC, 2 sets of standard duplex outlets providing four 120V outlets (5-20R) and one 240V outlet (L14-30),

Though it won’t mean much to most folks the generator uses a brush type revolving magnetic field which is self exciting in a 2 pole single phase arrangement which is a common configuration for the generator.

Wattage usage:

  • 12V at 10 amps = 120W
  • 2 sets of 5-20R (120V only) allows 2400W each = 4800W total.
  • 1 L14-30 is circuit breaked at 25 amps so at 120V = 3000W and at 240V = 6000W, the max continuous rating.

You can use 120V and 240V at the same time to a maximum of 6000W. as an example.

Usage Watts
Max Watts 6000
(-) 240V @ 15 amps 3600
(-) 120v @ 15amps 1800
Remaining 120v plug use 600

Fuel Type and Noise Levels:

The Sportsman GEN 7000LP uses propane as fuel and with a 20lb propane tank it can run for 8 hours at 50% load capacity.

The generator is equipped with low oil shutoff switch to protect your engine and requires the standard SAE 10W-30 and use 1.2 quarts (1.13L) which requires buying an extra quart which will leave you with additional for checking and filling at every use.

This generator is not specifically quiet for its size producing a sound level of 80db. In spite of the manufacture claims 80db is not that quiet as others have done better at the 68 to 70 db range which is more like road noise levels.

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Dimensions and Weight

The overall dimensions of the Sportsman GEN 7000LP generator are 30.75 x 26.5 x 27 inches ( L x W x H ) and it weighs in at 184 lbs without the propane tank.

The unit is not designed to have the tank attached directly to the frame. Having the 20lb LP tank to move separately helps with mobility.

Typical Uses and Needs

Most homes can manage with 3000 to 4000 watts of power to run essential appliances and if you are pushing or more usage the 5000 to 6000 watt range will power the vast majority of homes.

With a continuous output of 6000 watts, the Sportsman GEN 7000LP is a very useful generator to have at home for those times of power outages. This generator can supply enough power to run a small home or all the essential electrical appliances that you might need in a larger home to keep it running.

This generator comes with 10 inch wheels and a leverage handle that makes it easy to move it around. It can also be used at those job sites where you need to run power tools and there is no electricity available. With a surge output of 7000 watts and a full work day run time, this generator can be used anywhere power is needed to run equipment.

One user noted that he was able to run his neighbors fridge and fan and also his own freezer and fridge as well making it a food saver for more than one family.

Display & Control Panel, Start-up

sportsman gen 7000lp control panelThe control panel of the Sportsman GEN 7000LP generator is easy to use. Facing it you can see four 5-20R 120 volt AC outlets. To the bottom right of these outlets is the ground terminal and to the left of these outlets are 2 circuit breakers that control the output of the generator.

To the right of the circuit breakers you have the L14-30R twist lock 120/240 volt AC outlet.

To the right of this outlet you have the Start switch for the electric start and below this switch you have the 12 Volt DC outlet and next to it you have a circuit breaker which controls this outlet.


This generator is supplied with both an electric start feature as well as a recoil pull rope system to start the engine. Here are the steps to start the engine of the Sportsman GEN 7000LP.

  1. Check the gas connection to see that it is not leaking.
  2. Check the engine oil.
  3. Make sure that the Ground terminal is properly grounded.
  4. Make sure that there are no electrical loads connected to the generator.
  5. Open the fuel valve.
  6. Turn the engine switch to the ON position.
  7. Move the choke lever to the Choke position.
  8. For recoil start pull the starter grip until resistance is felt the pull it rapidly. When the engine starts return the Starter grip slowly to its original position.
  9. For electric start press the Start button until the engine starts. If the engine does not start in 5 seconds, release the button and wait for 5 seconds before trying again.
  10. After the engine starts return the choke lever to the Run position.

Shut Down

To shut down this generator you have to

  1. Turn Off and unplug all electrical loads.
  2. Let the generator run for a few minutes without any load to stabilize the engine.
  3. Turn the engine switch to the Off position.
  4. Turn the fuel valve to the Off position.

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Base Features

Here is a list of the features of the Sportsman GEN 7000 LP generator.

  1. This generator gives out 6000 watts of continuous output and can surge up to 7000 watts. limited to 25A breakers.
  2. Runs on clean liquid propane.
  3. It has a powerful 13 hp 4 stroke OHV engine.
  4. It has automatic voltage regulation, low oil shut off and a spark arrestor for safe performance.
  5. It produce low noise at less than 80 db, which is acceptable but on the noisy side.
  6. Has a 10 inch wheel kit which makes it easy to move.
  7. It has 4 120 volt outlets, one 120/240 volt outlet and one 12 volt DC outlet. Note the restriction of warranty is using only 20 amps on the duplex outlets.
  8. It can run for 8 hours at 50% capacity on one 20 lb propane tank.
  9. It has both a recoil starter as well as an electric starter.

Care and Maintenance and Use

To get the best out of your Sportsman GEN 7000LP generator you will need to do periodic maintenance. This will help to ensure that your generator runs safely and economically without trouble. Here are the recommended checks and procedures as recommended.
Every Use

  1. Check the oil level.
  2. Check the air filter.

After the First 20 hours

  1. Replace the engine oil.

Every 3 months or 50 hours

  1. Clean the air filter.

Every 6 months or 100 hours

  1. Replace the engine oil.
  2. Check and clean the spark plug.
  3. Clean the fuel filler cap.

Every year or 300 hours

  1. Clean the spark plug.

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Warranty and Repairs

The Sportsman GEN 7000LP generator is covered by a one year limited warranty (as listed on Amazon) from the date of the original purchase. However, there is conflicting information in the owners manual which states its only 90 days in older manuals. In double checking the manufactures site the 1 year warranty is being updated to the new manuals. There is also a 2 year emission related warranty.

This warranty covers all defective parts and the labor to replace them on defects in materials and workmanship and not in user misuse. Labor coverage makes this one of the better warranties.

For commercial or rental users this warranty is limited to 30 days from date of purchase.

Consumer Comments

The Sportsman GEN 7000 LP generator gets 4.1 stars out of 5 on the Amazon reviews.

Most of the customers who used this generator were very pleased with the performance. They liked the fact that it used propane as fuel since it is much easier and safer to handle and store than gasoline. They also liked the fact that this generator could deliver 6000 watts of continuous output which enabled them to run all the essential electrical appliances in their home during power outages.

This is what some of the customers noted about this generator. Lack of worry about gas going bad or gumming up carb. Cheaper to operate than gas units. Electric start is a breeze and really appreciated.

Also they noted that the wattage size was great and it powers everything necessary to weather a storm. Although some were indicating that It is quieter than other generators we weren’t sure what the comparison was about when looking at the 80db published level. many appreciated that propane is much easier to get when power is out.

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Pros & Cons


  1. It runs on propane which is much safer and easier to handle than gasoline.
  2. With 6000 watts of continuous output, it has the power to run a small house or all the essential appliances in a larger home during power outages.
  3. Has both a recoil start as well as an electric start.
  4. With 10 inch wheels and the handle it is easy to maneuver.
  5. Has a low oil shut off and a spark arrestor for safer operation.
  6. Fuel efficient for this size range, getting around 8 hours at half load using the standard 20 lb. LP fuel tank.
  7. It has an automatic voltage regulator to ensure delivery of proper voltage.

Cons (considerations as reported by user reviews)

  1. Does not include Battery. see recommendations below
  2. Some of indicated that customer service is not very reliable.
  3. Parts can be difficult to find.
  4. The wheels are liable to break off the frame.
  5. This generator is not CARB compliant and is not available in California, but there is another model available.
  6. Difficult to find a service agent as not all will handle propane generators.
  7. It is not as quiet as some other comparable generators, producing about 10db more sound level than some other brands..


The Sportsman GEN7000LP generator is available at Amazon for $800 range with free shipping which seems to be the best price. Click here to check latest price at Amazon The Sportsman Carb Compliant LP Generator with run you a little more than $200 extra. This pricing is relatively reasonable and comparable to other generators that can run your household during times of power outages.


There are many accessories available for this generator.

First you’ll need a Battery, here are some based on recommendations by Buffalo Tools.

You can get a dust cover to protect it from the elements when not in use.

Sportsman GENCOVXL Protective Generator Cover, X-Large

You will also need to get a propane tank to run this generator since it is not supplied with the generator. These tanks are available in different sizes. You can get a 20 lb, 30 lb. or a 100 lb. tank depending on your needs.

Worthington 303955 20-Pound Steel Propane Cylinder With Type 1 With Overflow Prevention Device Valve

Worthington 303954 30-Pound Steel Propane Cylinder With Type 1 With Overflow Prevention Device Valve

Worthington 303953 100-Pound Steel Propane Cylinder With 10% Valve And Collar

Adapters are also available for you to be able to connect this generator to your outdoor 300lb propane tank. But you should be very careful about that type of setup.

Transfer switches are available which would help you transfer the power safely to your home. Such as these Reliance Controls Packages that come with Transfer Switch, 10-Foot Power Cord, And Power Inlet Box For Up To 7,500-Watt Generators

Reliance Controls 31410CRK Pro/Tran 10-Circuit 30 Amp Generator Transfer Switch Kit

Reliance Controls 31406CRK Pro/Tran 6-Circuit 30 Amp Generator Transfer Switch Kit

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With a continuous output of 6000 watts and a surge output of 7000 watts, this generator is an ideal piece of equipment to have as a backup power source for your home.

By using propane as fuel it makes this generator much safer and convenient to use than a gas powered generator.

It can easily run a small home as well as supply enough power to run essential appliances in a larger home during emergencies. With the ability to use both the 240V and 120V outlets at the same time you can easily provide house power and run a few smaller tools or appliances at the same time.

This generator is a good size to power your job site tools. With its 10 inch wheels and handle make it easily maneuverable so it can be used to supply power at any site where you may need electricity. However, there remains a question as to the sturdiness of the wheel kit in rough conditions.

Similar Generation Units:

The following Generators are similar to the above but at different wattage sizes

Sportsman GEN4000LP 3250/4000-Watt Propane Powered Portable Generator

Sportsman GEN2000LP 1350/2,000 Watt Propane Powered Portable Generator

Larger Gasoline Powered

Sportsman GEN10K 10,000 Watt Gas Portable Generator

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