Shopping Online for Portable Generators

Although there are many outlets online for purchasing portable generators and there are many advantages. Including delivery to your home or office, great pricing, customer reviews and customer service.

The only disadvantage is that you usually can’t return most generators back to the online store because of the oil and gas hazard issues. You need to go back to the manufacture to do this.

That said our favorite online store is with it’s many retailer/wholesaler and pricing structures.

The reason is simply customer service and respect for trying to ensure that you have a great experience.

But the second is the Amazon Prime (One Year Membership) option. Many of the suppliers honor this option and you can save tens if not hundreds in shipping costs. Albeit, some costs are often increased to compensate for the shipping, overall they are still more competitive.

Here at Powerup Generator we purchase and use this option for many of our purchases.

We encourage you yo consider this option as it can help you save a bunch of your dollars and gives you some other special privileges. Notice that Amazon is going to increase this membership by 25% in the near future. Even at that we still see it as a great bargain.

Check it out today.


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