How to Select the Best Portable Generator for Your Needs!

Getting the right size standby or portable generator is actually more complicated than many folks believe.

Our Guide can help you Find Out How to Pick the Right Portable Generator to Power Your Home, Cabin, RV, or Job Site

PortableGenerator Buyers Guide

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Time and time again, you read where customers are dissatisfied with their generator purchase because they don’t understand what to buy.

Here are just a few things that consumers struggle with:

Picking the wrong generator output, because they don’t know the difference between surge watts, rated watts, operating watts and management of power use.

Relying on the manufacturer’s name plate and some simple calculations will lead you down the wrong path and more than likely end up with something less than you might need.

Which fuel type best fits intended use?

Many folks just opt for the common gas fired portable generator. However, depending on use or preparation need considering alternate fuel source may be very advantageous.

Each type of portable or standby generator has challenges in its specific application. However…

Each fuel also has its own unique issues with supply, stability, and storage.

What type of Power Quality to Select?

The type of electrical output for a generator uses a DC generator (coil) or AC alternator to produce your electrical circuit.

Although DC generation is used for 12V charging systems, the newer high quality inverter power which converts DC to AC power is stable “clean” electricity. This is a significant consideration for sensitive electronics.

Managing Power and Connecting Appliances or Whole House?

Once you’ve gotten your generator, hooking it up with power extension cords or wiring directly to a transfer box are the extremes and there are options in between.

Understanding the true usable power and how you’re going to get it to work for you is the forgotten piece that many a customer has been left scratching their head.

Here are 11 more issues you should consider when making an important generator purchase?

Here are just a few other things you probably haven’t thought about:

  1. generator engine
  2. the outlet configuration for using power
  3. fuel economics
  4. noise levels
  5. physical size and dimensions for storing or locating
  6. control panel layouts
  7. typical start up and shutdown sequences
  8. care and use parameters
  9. consumer experiences
  10. warranties
  11. accessories

These are great aspects of consideration for picking your generator; however, knowledge of what to look for is just as important.

I’m here to share with you how to get my months of research and the hidden trade secrets of getting just the right portable generator to power up your house.

Introducing PowerupGenerator’s

Portable Generator Buyer’s Guide

PortableGenerator Buyers GuideThis Buyer’s guide is a practical and complete eBook to help you learn the most important information that you should know before purchasing a standby or portable generator.

The manufacturer literature and the weak store publications come up short and have you make a quick purchase on what is perceived as adequate advice. Don’t fall for it.

When you take the time to learn practical knowledge and information it will put you on a direct path to getting exactly what you need to meet your needs.

Examples of what you will learn:

On page 12 of we go in the factors that you need to know to size a generator and account for specific power need, usability of power supply, margins for unknowns, power loss issues like elevation, as well as how you will manage the power use.

Portable Generators Buyer's Guide Page 12 Factors

On page 18 we discuss the usability of the watts output by the generator and how receptacle choices can limit your power use.

Portable Generator buyers guide page13 wattsOn page32 we go into the pros and cons of each type of fuel and help you understand your options and the pitfalls when you make your choice of fuel. We even discuss the multiple fuel options.

Portable Generators Buyers Guide Page 32 Fuels

On Page 39 we discuss factors that influence the Cost such as inverter vs standard alternator output so that you can make an informed decision on what you’re going to want.

Portable Generator Cost Factors

Part 2 Covers the Steps to Buying the Right Generator…

We cover a complete method and checklist to gather, evaluate, and manage power use; whether by using power extension cords or installing a transfer switch. (Also see our bonus report on transfer switch installation)


Our Step by Step checklist and worksheets will lead you through:

Step 1: The right way to Gathering and Managing Appliance/Tool Power Requirements

Step 2: Prepare Proper Generator Size Calculations so you know exactly what wattage range to get.

Step 3: Determining Output/Receptacle Configurations and Restrictions so you know you have the right output and plugs to power your appliances

Step 4: Make Proper Connecting Choices for your Power so you ensure you have adequate power to the equipment.

Step 5: Consider over 15 Generator Specific Attributes, don’t let the little things get by you, make sure you know the consequences of overlooking these features.

Step 6: Determining Accessories for your Generator so you don’t come up short when you need to use it.

Two Bonuses:

Bonus Number 1: MS Excel based Workbook and Worksheets

This Spreadsheet was specifically developed to streamline the step by step process by calculating the requirements and factors that influence your decisions. It has six worksheets:

Portable Generator Buyer's Guide Worksheets

  1. The overall Buyer Guide Checklist to consider all requirements
    Portable Generator Buyer's Guide Checklist
  2. Wattage Need Worksheet for Appliance and Tool Loads
    Portable Generator Buyer's Guide Load Table
  3. The Optimized Generator Wattage Calculation Sheet with Rule of Thumb Checks for ensuring Proper sizing
    Portable Generator Buyer's Guide Wattage Calculation
  4. Outlet and Receptacle Circuit Configuration Sheet
    Portable Generator Buyer's Guide Outlet Configuation
    and two bonus sheets for..
  5. Transfer Switch Wattage and Power Management Sheet
  6. Transfer Switch decision Checklist

The Worksheets will allow you to zero in on exactly what you need in order to make the right portable or standby generator decision.

Bonus Number 2:


Portable Generator Transfer Swtich Installation Tips

A comprehensive report on many of the questions and tips for completing a transfer switch installation. Get specific knowledge which isn’t provided if you rely on manufacture literature, store publications, or the short online write ups for the purchase and installation of transfer switches.

This 15 page report provides you with specific issues that you will encounter as you study options, purchase components, and get your switch installed.

Pickup you’re Portable Generator Buyer’s Guide now

Learn the things you need to know today to make the right choice of portable generator to power up your house, Cabin, RV, or job site. And get the Worksheets and Transfer Switch Installation Tips for Free.

PortableGenerator Buyers Guide



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