Ryobi 1800/2200 Watt Digital Inverter Generator Ryobi RYi2200 Review

Ryobi RYi2200 -1800/2200W Inverter Generator

Ryobi RYi2200 -1800/2200W Inverter Generator

The Ryobi RYi2200 inverter generator is just one of the products from Ryobi in their long line of products. This generator is not only affordable but it also well made and can serve your needs when you require portable electric power.

Ryobi Power Tools is one of the world’s largest power tools manufacturer. It is a part of Techtronic Industries Co. Ltd. Which is a world class leader marketing products for the home improvement and construction industries.

Ryobi is a brand of choice for millions, from home owners to hobbyists to value conscious contractors due to the affordable pro featured power tools that they make.

The Ryobi RYi2200 generator provides 1800W of continuous inverter grade power at a reasonable price.

Power Output and Generation

The Ryobi RYi2200 can surge up to 2200 watts (1800W continuous) delivering clean electricity to power even your sensitive electronic equipment.

This inverter generator is equipped with a 106 cc SOHC (Single Overhead Cam) 4 cycle gas powered engine which is designed to be ultra quite. It also has low oil alert and will auto shut down if it becomes to low. The first oil service comes with the initial purchase and is 13.5 oz. a little under a pint of oil.

Electrical output:

The generator has one duplex receptacle providing two 3-prong 120V outlets. With cover plate for protection. This plug set has circuit breaker at 20A rating. 120V * 20 A = 2400W. This didn’t make much sense as surge is only 2200W and continuous is 1800W.

The 12V DC circuit provides 7.5 amps of power or 90W for charging batteries. Again this is a 10 amp breaker which is greater than the declared output.

It doesn’t appear the breakers will trip unless there is something seriously wrong with the electrical output.

The Ryobi is parallel hook up capable with the an additional connection kit (sold separately) providing twice the power need if you have two units.

Fuel Type and Noise Levels:

The Ryobi RYi2200 inverter generator is a gasoline (can use E10) powered generator which has a fuel tank capacity of 1 gallon. It provides only run time about 4 or up to 5 hours on one tank of gas at 50% load capacity and around 2.5 hours at full load.

This isn’t as efficient as some of the more expensive units we’ve seen, but reasonable for most tailgating parties.

The unit also comes with an idle down system for better fuel efficiency. There is no fuel gauge so you’ll need to monitor usage.

Noise: This a very quite generator which will even let you hold a conversation while it is running. The company rates this generator to produce 60 db of noise while running making it one of the quietest inverter generators on the market.

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Dimensions and Weight

moving Ryobi RYi2200

Bottom Handle

The dimensions of this inverter generator were not published by the manufacture which was odd, measured the dimensions are approximately 24 x 13 x 18 (H x W x H) inches.

It weighs in at only 51lbs and with gas (6 lbs per gal) about 57 lbs. which makes it a very light and portable generator.

There are two handles on this unit one on top for minor movement and lifting and a pull out bottom handle to provide easy balance points to pull the generator like a suitcase.

Typical Uses and Needs

The Ryobi RYi2200 inverter generator produces clean electricity that is safe for even your most sensitive electronic equipment. This generator is very lightweight and portable and very easy to move it around.

It is also a very quiet generator with a continuous output of 1800 watts and a surge output of 2200 watts that makes it ideal to take along camping to power your appliances. It can also be used on job sites to power your smaller tools.

This generator is also capable of being linked with a parallel kit to another similar generator for twice the power when your needs demand greater power. This feature makes it an ideal source for back up power at home during power outages to run your essential equipment.

Display & Control Panel, Start-up

Ryobi RYi2200 Front Panel

Ryobi RYi2200 Front Panel

When you face the control panel of the Ryobi RYi2200 inverter generator you will see that it is very simple and easy to follow.

To the top left you have the 20 amp AC circuit breaker below which you have the two parallel kit terminals for connecting 2 generator for additional power. Below these terminals you have the Ground terminal to which you attach the ground wire.

Next to the circuit breaker at the top you have 2 120Volt 20 amp receptacles. Below these receptacles you have the reset button and next to this button you have 3 lights. The one at the top is the power indicator light below which you have the overload indicator and below that you have the low oil indicator.

To the right of the 120Volt receptacles you have a circuit breaker which controls the 12Volt DC outlet and next to that you have the 12Volt DC outlet.

Below the DC outlet you have the Auto Idle switch which can be engaged to increase fuel efficiency instead of allowing the generator to run at speed all the time.

Start up

The Ryobi RYi2200 inverter generator uses a recoil pull rope system to start the engine. Here are the steps to be taken to start this generator.

  1. Make sure that the generator is on a level flat surface.
  2. Unplug all loads from the generator.
  3. Pull the recoil rope five times to prime the fuel system.
  4. Turn the Auto Idle switch to the Off position.
  5. Move the Choke lever to the Start position.
  6. Hold the Start grip and pull until the engine starts.
  7. Let the engine run for 15 to 30 seconds then move the Choke to the Run position.
  8. For quieter and more efficient operation turn the Auto Idle switch to the On position.

Shut down

  1. Disconnect all loads from the generator.
  2. Move the Choke lever to the Off position.

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Additional Features

Ryobi RYi2200 inverter generator:

  1. It can run sensitive electronic equipment safely.
  2. It has an on board monitoring system.
  3. It has wheels and an extending handle for easy portability.
  4. It is very quiet running at only 60 db, some additional publish data indicates 63db, there was no distance given for these associated levels. But user comments indicate this is likely to be true at close range..
  5. It has an Auto idle feature which lets it run longer saving fuel when less power is required.
  6. It features an easy 3 step start system.
  7. It is capable of being connected in parallel with another similar generator in case of larger demands of power.

Care and Maintenance and Use

When it comes to getting the most out of your Ryobi RYi2200 inverter generator and ensure a long life, you will need to take care of this generator and do periodic maintenance. Always keep the generator in a clean and dry environment when not in use. Always see that the cooling air slots are clean and not clogged with dirt. Here is the maintenance schedule as recommended by Ryobi Power Tools.

Before each use

  1. Check the engine oil.
  2. Check the Air filter.
  3. Check the fuel hose.
  4. Check the fuel filter.
  5. Check all hose connections.
  6. Inspect fuel tank vapor vent.
  7. Inspect the carbon canister.

After first month or 20 hours

  1. Change the engine oil.

Every 3 months or after 50 hours

  1. Clean the air filter.

Every 6 months or after 100 hours

  1. Change the engine oil.
  2. Check and adjust the spark plug if necessary.
  3. Clean the fuel tank and the filter.

Every year or after 300 hours

  1. Change the air filter.
  2. Replace the spark plug.
  3. Check and adjust the idle speed if necessary.
  4. Check and adjust the valve clearances.
  5. Check the fuel hose.
  6. Replace the fuel filter.
  7. Check all hose connections.
  8. Inspect the fuel tank vapor vent.
  9. Inspect the carbon canister.

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Warranty and Repairs

2 yr Engine

2 yr Engine

The Ryobi RYi2200 inverter generator is covered by a limited warranty by Techtronic Industries.

The engine of the generator is covered for a period of 2 years to be free from all defects in parts and workmanship for the private user and for a period of 90 days for the commercial user.

3 yr limited

3 yr limited

The rest of the generator is covered for a period of 3 years to be free from all defects in workmanship and parts for the private user and for a period of 90 days for the commercial user.

The cost of transportation of the unit to the authorized service center is to be borne by the customer.

Consumer Comments

The Ryobi RYi2200 inverter generator scores a rating of 4.3 stars out of 5 on Amazon as well as other sites. The customers who bought this generator were very happy with its performance. They also liked its price and the quietness with which it ran.

Besides the statements about very high quality and very quiet running, they indicated that this generator has a lot of features which are as nice as a Yamaha or a Honda and at a considerably lower price point.

I liked the comments that referenced what an excellent tailgating generator it was and that using it around other people was nice due to the low noise pollution. Also ease of use with the collapsible luggage cart style handle was noted.

The unit was sighted as very lightweight and easy to lift out off a truck tailgate or out of a car trunk.

Initial starting needed a number of tries, but after that only a couple or maybe 3 were needed. Some indicated no hesitation in buying one again.

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Pros & Cons


  • It is very lightweight and compact.
  • It produces clean electricity safe for all your sensitive electronic equipment.
  • It is very quiet.
  • It is comparatively very cheap and affordable compared to the big players.
  • It is very well built.
  • It has wheels and a collapsible handle which makes it easy to move.
  • It can supply 1800 watts of continuous power while being able to surge up to 2200 watts.
  • It can be connected in parallel to a similar unit to double its output if you need more power.
  • It can run for 4 to 5 hours on one gallon of gas at 50% load capacity.
  • It has an auto idle feature which lets it run for longer periods by saving fuel when less power is required.


  • Its one gallon gas tank allows it to run for only a few hours.
  • Its output of 1800 watts of continuous power may not be sufficient to run the essentials at home during power outages.


The Ryobi RYi2200 inverter generator is available at Home Depot and on Amazon. Since Ryobi products are sold nearly exclusively through Home Depot they have good prices but you may find comparable pricing online: For the latest pricing and shipping charges, check here: Ryobi RYi2200 Digital Inverter Generator 1800/2200W.


Accessories for this inverter generator include a dust cover to keep it safe from the elements when not in use.

CoverMates Generator Cover – Small : 26L x 18W x 20H Elite Polyester

You can also get an inverter generator parallel kit from Ryobi to connect 2 of these generators to double your power output for heavier power needs.

Also available from IPI industries is an extended run generator system which is an additional fuel tank which can be connected to the generator to extend its running time.

IPI BERG Dual Fuel Extender for Generators

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The Ryobi 1800/ 2200W inverter generator with a continuous output of 1800 watts and a surge capacity of 2200 watts of clean electricity makes it an ideal generator to take camping or for those tailgating parties.

It is very quiet, compact and very easy to move around. With a run time of 2.5 to 5 hours on one tank of gas at full to 50% load capacity it is a useful and efficient generator to use at job sites where there is a need for electricity to run power tools.

It can be connected in parallel with a similar generator to double its output, this makes it an ideal backup source for power at home to run the essentials in times of power outages.

All in all this generator is well built and comparable to similar generators from Honda or Yamaha but at a much lesser price making it an affordable generator with the similar features as pricer brands.

Similar Generation Units:

The following Generators are similar to the above but at different wattage sizes

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