Reliance Controls Transfer Switch and Electrical Panels

Once you’ve made a determination to get a transfer switch you’ll go through a process of picking one to fit that need. One manufacture that continually comes to the forefront in supporting portable or standby power connectivity is Reliance Controls.

This article will summarize their main 3 transfer switch/panels that are typically applied to this application.The 3 series are the Protran® Transfer Switch, the Protran® Q series Transfer Switch, and the Easy trans® Transfer Switch.  

For more direct installations as well as advanced installations including GFCI protected generators, bonded neutral genies and separately derived systems there is the Reliance Controls Panel Link and the Panel/Link X series, which are used for direct connection applications and not transfer switch, we’ll cover those in a future post.

Company Information

Reliance Controls manufactures many types of supporting electrical equipment for residential, commercial, and industrial use.

They have an extremely good reputation for producing quality equipment and especially get good reviews from those that hook up portable and standby generators.

Typical RC Equipment for Backup Generators

The main pieces of Reliance equipment that are used for backup generation are transfer switches, inlet boxes, and generator connecting cords or wiring. They also manufacture time clocks and controls for power usage.

They have done a masterful job of detailing their transfer switch options by breaking them into various number of circuits based on wattage levels and panel type. Also they have indoor and outdoor NEMA rated panel/switch models to accommodate the various needs of different size households and applications.

Some models come with a power inlet receptacle integral to the box, others require a remote inlet box that can be mounted internal or external to a building. Watt meters are also available on most of the larger capable models which are rated 5000W and above.

Many of the transfer switches are sold as individual pieces and there are a few that are offered as complete kits which include transfer switch panel, inlet box and wiring, panel pigtail and a power cord for generator to inlet box.

Many of the dual pole setups may be reconfigured to single pole and replaced with a different amperage breaker.  

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Reliance Controls Model Notes:

The Protran® Transfer Switch Indoor

This switch comes in sizes with 4 to 10 circuits and is typically set for 7500W (30A Max) and 12500W (50A max), although there are 1875W, 3500W, 5000W versions as well.

The styles come in a vertical line up of switches as well as a horizontal line up. The horizontal lineup has a closer to square footprint where as the vertical line up gives an appearance of a long height to width ratio.

The predominate feature is that the circuit breakers are push button style reset next to the circuit selector switch.

A few models come with an inlet receptacle in the panel. At the 1875W this is a standard house 5-15R inlet, for 3500W this is a L5-30R, for 5000W a L14-20R, and for a few of the 7500W panels it is an L14-30. The majority do not come with an inlet and must be wired via a separate inlet box.

The models sold as kits come with a inlet box and wiring. Look for model numbers ending in CRK, CDK, CDKN, or HDK. Go here to see our review of the 31410CRK Pro-Tran Transfer Switch Kit

The Protran® Indoor Models with included receptacles:


Reliance Controls 15114A Pro/Tran Transfer Switch 4 circuits – 5-15R receptacle – 4 circuit


Reliance 301114A Pro/Tran 3750 Watt Generator Indoor Mounted Transfer SwitchL5-30 receptacle


Reliance Controls 20216A Pro/Tran 6-Circuit 20-Amp Generator Transfer Switch for up to 5000-Watt Generators L14-20R receptacle


Reliance Controls R30216B 6-Ciruit Outdoor Transfer Switch, 125/250-Volt L14-30R receptacle

  Reliance Controls 30508B Pro/Tran 8-Circuit 30 Amp Generator Transfer Switch For Up To 7,500 Watt Generators L14-30R receptacle

Reliance Controls 30-Amp (4-Prong 10-Circuit) Indoor Transfer Switch – 30310A L14-30R receptacle

The Protran® Indoor Models without receptacles


Reliance Controls 31406B 6-Circuit Transfer Switch, 125/250-Volt Reliance Controls 30408B 8-Circuit Transfer Switch, 125/250-Volt

Reliance Controls 31410B 10-Ciruit Transfer Switch, 125/250-Volt


Pro / Tran Transfer Switch for Generator with 6 Circuit Breaker 51406

Reliance Controls 51410C 10-Circuit Indoor Transfer Switch with Meters, 12500-Watt

Additionally you will need to consider the inlet box associated with what you are trying to install for these that don’t come with a receptacle. Here are a couple to consider.

Reliance Controls PB30 L14-30 30 Amp Generator Power Cord Inlet Box For Up To 7,500 Watt Generators

Reliance Controls PB50 50 Amp Generator Power Cord Inlet Box For Up To 12,500 Watt Generators

Power Cords:

Always double check your receptacle and plug end configuration. L14 for L14 in 30 amp range, at 50 amp there are a couple of configurations that are used, when you but make sure the generator to cord to inlet box all match. You may also be able to get an adaptor plug/receptacle in special cases, but make sure your rating is applicable for intended use.

Reliance Controls PC3040 40-Feet 30-Amp L14-30 Generator Power Cord for Up to 7500-Watt Generators

Reliance Controls PC5010-14 Power Cord, 50-Amp

Popular – The Protran® Indoor Kits


Reliance Controls 31406CRK Pro/Tran 6-Circuit 30 Amp Generator Transfer Switch Kit With Transfer Switch, 10-Foot Power Cord, And Power Inlet Box For Up To 7,500-Watt Generators

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The Protran® Transfer Switch Outdoor

At this writing Reliance Controls has 7 outdoor NEMA 3R rated transfer switches. These boxes are vertical setups with circuit switches down the middle and breakers next to them on the outside.

Watt meters are below the switches (except 1875W and 3750W models) with an inlet receptacle under the circuits being recessed in the box. The boxes come with a sealing cover door.

The 12500W models come with a 50A CS6375 inlet, a 3 pole 4 wire configuration, not yet adopted by NEMA, but is a California Standard for locking 50 amp connection.

Amazon Available Protran® Outdoor Models


Reliance R30114B Pro/Tran R Series 3750 Watt Generator Outdoor Transfer Switch


Reliance Controls R20216B 6-Ciruit Outdoor Transfer Switch, 125/250-Volt


Reliance Controls R30216B 6-Ciruit Outdoor Transfer Switch, 125/250-Volt

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Pro/Tran Q Series®

There are 8 indoor only models in the Q series for only 7500W and 12500W ratings. All models come with wattage meters. The models are either 6 or 10 circuits and can come with a power inlet receptacle or not. Models ending in A have a power inlet receptacle, while those with a C do not and must be wired to an inlet box. 12500W models use the CS6375 50A inlet when provided.

The Q series transfer switches use 1 inch interchangeable circuit breakers rather than the push to reset style of the main models. This gives them a dual lineup feel of selector switches on top and toggle breakers underneath.

These come preset up with 1 each of a 30A and 20A double pole circuit breaker, with the remaining breakers as 15A single pole.

The units may be hardwired with optional flanged inlets to direct connect to box or to a separate inlet box.

7500W, Q Series

Pro / Tran Q Series 306A Transfer Switch for 7500 Watt Generator6 circuit:, with L14-30R or no inlet – Reliance Controls Q306C 6-Ciruit Q-Series Switch, 125/250-Volt

Reliance Controls Q310A 10-Ciruit Transfer Switch, 125/250-Volt with L14-30R or no inlet Reliance Controls Q310C 10-Ciruit Q-Series Switch, 125/250-Volt

12500W, Q Series

Reliance Controls Q506A 6-Ciruit Q-Series Switch, 125/250-Volt with CS6335 50A inlet

Q Series Accessories

Q Series Clear Cover for 4 and 6 Circuit Model
Q Series Clear Cover for 8 and 10 Circuit Model

Q Series Flush Kit for 8 and 10 Circuit Model
Q Series Flush Kit for 4 and 6 Circuit Model

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Easy/Tran® Transfer Switches

These switches are single circuit made for isolated appliances or equipment. There best application is in use with furnaces, pumps, and other single large wattage use items.

The 6 models available range in wattage sizes of 1875 with increments of 750W up to 5000W and then a jump to 7500W which actually has 2 circuits. Power inlet type  is associated with wattage level and amperage. These units do not come with watt meters.

The models come as either a CSR or a TF. The difference being in the outdoor or indoor application respectively.

TF models for indoor application

TF 151W – 1875W, 5-15R Reliance Controls TF151W Easy/Tran Single-Circuit 15 Amp Furnace Generator Transfer Switch For Up To 1875 Watt Generators

Reliance Controls TF201W Furnace Transfer Switch – 2500W, 5-20R – does not have watt meter as advertised.

CSR Models for outdoor applications

Reliance Controls CSR201 Single Circuit Transfer Switch, 2500-Watt L5-20R receptacle

Reliance Controls CSR301 Single Circuit Transfer Switch, 3750-Watt 3750W, L5-30R receptacle

Reliance Controls CSR202 Single Circuit Transfer Switch, 5000-WattCSR202 – 5000W, L14-20R

Limited Warranty Varies by Series

Reliance Controls Corporation (“Reliance”) has a five year limited warranty on their ProTran series and 2 years on the Q series. They state that their equipment will be free from failure to perform as intended due to defects in materials and workmanship. However, they claim this from date of manufacture and not date of installation in one statement and then date of shipment in another warranty statement, which could present.

Of course this is all provided the Switch has been installed per manufacturer’s instructions as well as the expected exceptions for misuse, alteration, accident. It is interesting that they have a specific out if “repair of a unit was not performed by Reliance.”  What seemed to be a really great warranty is now beginning to look not as good. However, I can see the need to protect their side from poor repairs by the user.

Be sure to read the full warranty that comes with the pieces that you may order so you fully understand your ability to get service.

Note that labor for physical replacement of component is not included in this warranty.
Note that some of the installation manuals indicate a 24 month warranty. If in doubt, contact Reliance controls.


There are many choices with deciding on transfer switches for your needs and will depend on total wattage use anticipated, number of circuits to power within your building, and whether you want pre-wired or full kits.

In many cases the pre-wired switches and kits with inlet boxes make an incredible amount of sense when it comes to getting what you need to get a setup completed. Our favorite choices are:

For the more robust the Q series is a good choice.

Get Powered Up with Reliance Controls.

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