Powermate PM0103007 Vx Power Series 3000 Watt Portable Generator Review

Powermate 12500W Generator

Powermate 3000W Generator

The Powermate PM0103007 Vx Power series is a generator that can produce 3000 watts of continuous power and can surge up to 3750 watts. Powermate is a brand name of Mat Engine Technologies, LLC. They are known for its versatile line of power generators for all uses.

Powermate generators are available for the recreational user to commercial and industrial users. Their range of power generators starts at 1200 watt units and goes up to 12,500 watts.

This 3000Wgenerator is a useful generator when there are requirements of small to mid-wattage of electrical power. It is great for camping and tailgating parties and it can also be used to run the essentials in a home during power outages.

The PM0103007 is not CARB Compliant; however  available for California users is the: Powermate PMC103007 CARB Compliant model. It does not meet Canadian Standards for Environmental compliance.

Power Output and Generation

The Powermate PM0103007 Vx Power series generator is powered by a Powermate 212 cc OHV engine that lets this generator deliver up to 3000 watts of continuous power while being able to surge level of 3750 watts.

powermate-oil-fillIt does have low oil shutoff for protecting the engine. Oil fill is awkward and difficult. It is a manual recoil rope start.

The output is via two circuits providing 14 amps maximum for each circuit utilizing automatic voltage regulation. Although the manual was written as if you could use 20 amps at the duplex receptacle you are restricted to the 14 amps and the overall rated capacity. In real use you’ll be drawing in the 8 to 10 amp range per circuit.

Outlets are two 5-20R duplex outlets giving you four standard plugs. Each duplex set can handle up to 14 amps (1680W). It has also the 120V240V L14-30R outlet, where you can draw up to the 3000W (rated capacity) using both 120 and 240 Volt at the same time.

If utilizing both types of outlets with the limited 3000W you’ll be able to power a few small appliances. Say three that are under 1000W each.

Powermate specifically indicates that if you want to use it for more solid state equipment that a power-line conditioner be utilized.

It does have a car cigarette lighter style receptacle for the 12V DC at a max 8.3A available.

Fuel Type and Noise Levels:

The Powermate PM0103007 Vx Power Series generator is a gas powered generator and uses Gasoline as fuel. It has a fuel tank with a capacity of 4 gallons which gives it a run time of 11 hours at 50% load capacity.

There is no data available on the noise that this generator produces when running. However, reports are that it’s in the typical 70 dB range.

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Dimensions and Weight

Compact – 2.33 ft by 1 1/2 ft high and wide

This portable generator has overall dimensions of 27.6 x 19.1 x 19.7 inches ( L x H x W ) and it weighs in at 117 lbs.

It uses an inverted V shape design for appeal giving it a sleek look.

This keeps the generator quite compact and light for its performance.

Typical Uses and Needs

The Powermate PM0103007 generator is a compact generator that can supply 3000 watts of continuous power for up to 11 hours at 50% load capacity on 4 gallons of gasoline. It is a good generator to use while camping or tailgating parties, although noise blocking may be necessary.

Its OHV 212cc engine with low oil shut down is fuel efficient and it is also easy maintenance. This generator can also be used as a backup power source for your home to run the essentials during power outages.

Being small and light this generator is capable of supplying you with electrical power on your job sites where you need to run a few power tools. It can also power your cabin set up with electricity to run your essential electrical appliances.

Display & Control Panel, Start-up

powermate-3000w-control-panelThe control panel of the Vx Power Series generator is located on the side of the generator. It is very simple to use, if you face the control panel you will find that it has the Engine ON/Off switch to its extreme left.

Next to this switch you have the 12Volt DC outlet and the DC circuit breaker is located next to this outlet. To the right of the DC circuit breaker are 2 Circuit breakers that control the AC output of the generator. To the right of these circuit breakers you have 2 duplex 120V0lt 20 amp receptacles

On further to the right of these receptacles and at the top you have the Hour meter and below the Hour meter you have the 120/240Volt 30 amp twist lock receptacle. To the right of the twist lock receptacle you have the ground terminal.

Start up

The Powermate PM0103007 Vx Power Series generator is equipped with a recoil pull rope system to start the engine of the generator. Before starting the generator check the level of the engine oil and the fuel. Check and see that there are no leakages. Also check and see that the generator is placed on a flat level surface. Here are the steps to be taken to start the generator.

  1. Disconnect all loads from the generator.
  2. Open the fuel shut Off valve.
  3. Adjust the Choke as necessary.
  4. Set the Engine switch to the ON position.
  5. Pull on the starter rope with a fast steady pull.
  6. When the engine warms up readjust the Choke.

Shut Down

  1. Disconnect all electrical loads from the generator.
  2. Let the engine run for a couple of minutes without any load attached.
  3. Move the Engine switch to the Off position.
  4. Close the fuel Shut Off valve.

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Noted Features

powermate 3000W frameHere are some of the features of the Powermate PM0103007 Vx Power series generator.

  1. It has a compact roll cage design.
  2. It has 8 inch never flat tires and dual folding handles that make it easy to move it around as well as easy to store when not in use.
  3. It has low oil shut off to protect the engine.
  4. It also has a Voltmeter and an automatic voltage regulator.
  5. It has a 4 gallon fuel tank which lets it run for 11 hours at 50% load capacity.
  6. Has PMC model that is CARB compliant and available in all 50 states.
  7. It has a 2 year limited warranty.

Care and Maintenance and Use

To get the utmost out of any machinery you will need to do periodic maintenance to see that it performs at its best. The Powermate PM 0103007 gas powered generator too requires periodic maintenance. This is the maintenance schedule as recommended by Powermate.

Before every use

  1. Check the engine oil.
  2. Check the fuel line for cracks or damage. Replace if necessary.
  3. Check the exhaust system for leakages. Tighten fasteners or replace gaskets if necessary.
  4. Check the Choke operation.
  5. Check the recoil starter operation.

Firt 20 hours

  1. Replace the engine oil.

Every 50 hours

  1. Check the spark plug. Adjust the gap and clean.
  2. Check the air filter. Replace or clean as necessary.

Every 100 hours

  1. Replace engine oil.
  2. Clean fuel filter and fuel tank strainer. Replace if necessary.
  3. Check the muffler screen. Clean or replace if necessary.
  4. Check the fittings and fasteners. Replace if necessary.

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Warranty and Repairs

The Powermate PM 0103007 generator is covered by a 2 year limited warranty for consumers and a 1 year limited warranty for commercial users.

This warranty covers all parts found to be defective by the company or its representative and also includes the labor to replace them. For the warranty to be applicable the customer must produce proof of purchase and contact the company during the warranty period.

Transportation and typical care is by the owner.

Consumer Comments

The Powermate PM0103007 Vx Power series gas powered portable generator gets a rating above 4 stars out of 5 on Amazon. Most of the customers who bought this generator were very pleased with its performance.

Many of them commented on its rugged design and on its fuel economy. Some of them also liked the fact that this generator is quite compact and easy to move around.

Many customers also commented on the reliability of this generator and also the fact that it was very easy to start. Others also found that this generator was relatively quiet as compared to other generators of similar size.

There were a few customers that were not happy with this generator as the units that they received had some defects, but these customers liked the customer service and most had their generators running shortly. This speaks well as compared to some other customer service departments where this is not always the case.

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Pros & Cons


  • It is a very well built rugged generator.
  • It has 8 inch never flat tires and dual folding handles that make it easy to move it around.
  • It is relatively quite as compared to other similar generators.
  • It is very fuel efficient and can run for 11 hours at 50% load capacity on only 4 gallons of gasoline.
  • It has an hour meter and an automatic voltage regulator.
  • It can supply up to 3000 watts of continuous power while being able to surge up to 3750 watts. (long term practical use will be closer to 1800 to 2000 watts.)


  • The circuit breakers trip when additional loads are connected as surge limitations are hit.
  • It is sometimes difficult to find authorized service agents close by.


The Powermate PM0103007 Vx Power series portable generator is available from a few online shops where shipping is extra. It is also available at Amazon for under $450 with free shipping.

Check latest pricing here: Latest Price Powermate 3000W Generator.


With several accessories available you could get to go with your generator you would want to consider your options. . Finding a dust cover for this generator can be done by checking dimensions on the covers. This one is a good fit.

CoverMates Generator Cover – Small : 26L x 18W x 20H Elite Polyester

You can also get a Gen Tent Wet weather safety canopy that would let you run the generator even in the rain and snow.Check out this tent:

GenTent wet weather safety canopy for portable generators

Also available for this generator are transfer kits that allow you to safely transfer power to your home during power outages

Reliance Controls 20216A Pro/Tran 6-Circuit 20-Amp Generator Transfer Switch for up to 5000-Watt Generators

There are also many different lengths of power cords that you could get for your generator to help you connect your appliances. Go to Power cord options to check out a few for your needs.

Conntek 20602 50-Foot 10/4 30 Amp 125/250 Volt 4 Prong L14-30 Transfer Switch Cord/Generator Extension Cord

Click here to see More information on power cords

Powermate Oil

Powermate PA0650074 10W30 4-Cycle Small Engine Oil, Quart

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The Powermate PM0103007 Vx Power series gas powered portable generator is very rugged and well made.

It has a 212 cc OHV Powermate engine which lets it delivery 3000 watts of continuous output while being able to surge up to 3750 watts.

This generator is very fuel efficient and has a fuel tank capacity of 4 gallons which lets it run for 11 hours at 50% load capacity.

It has dual folding handles and large 8 inch never go flat tires that make it easy to move it around.

This is an ideal generator to supply you with electrical power when there is none available. You can take this generator on your camping trips to power electrical appliances and even take it to tailgating parties.

Being economical to run and also being rugged, you can use it to power your power tools at a job site. You can also use it as a backup source of power for your home during power outages to power the essentials.

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