Power Line Conditioners to Protect Your Equipement

Power Line Conditioners

Power Line Conditioners

Electronic equipment that you use in your homes like computers, printers, Tvs, etc are highly sensitive to fluctuations in the electrical power that you receive from your utility companies.

During power outages if you happen to use a generator to power your electronic equipment, you have to be aware that most of the generators do not supply the quality of electricity that your sensitive equipment requires. The power surges, spikes and EMI/RFI line noise tends to wear down the circuitry in your equipment and may cause it to wear out prematurely or even cause it to fail totally.

Surge Protectors or Conditioners

Surge protectors do help to a certain extent to protect your equipment from the surges in power, but they are not made to withstand high surges and spikes in power, nor do they protect your equipment from line noise.

Power line conditioners are designed to specifically protect your sensitive electronic equipment from surges and spikes during over voltages as well as from severe brownouts. They also protect your equipment by filtering the noise from the electrical power that would otherwise interfere with the workings of your equipment.

Conditioner Protection

Power line conditioners offer you a lot more than surge protection for your sensitive electronic equipment. They offer comprehensive protection from all the different kinds of power fluctuations as well as all the disruptive line noise that may be included in your electric supply which could cause performance problems and could corrupt data or even erase it.

These conditioners not only protect your equipment but also enhance the operation of the equipment by supplying it with steady non fluctuating clean electrical power.

Auto Voltage Regulation and Voltage Compensation

Auto Voltage Control Unit

Auto Voltage Control Unit

These power line conditioners have built in automatic voltage regulators with levels of voltage stabilization that provide a targeted response to surges in voltage as well as under voltage and brown outs providing safe and steady voltage to your equipment.

Auto voltage regulation helps to prevent damage to your equipment while keeping your data safe and preventing power related performance problems.

When you think about the electric supply available to you, you might find that not only does it surge with spikes in the voltage but many a times it may have voltage that is under what your equipment uses. This is specially so during peak hours or during hot summer days when the utilities are overloaded with the demand for electricity.

Power line conditioners are very useful during these times in providing a steady voltage without any fluctuation to your electronic equipment.

EMI/RFI line Noise

The utility power line can also be affected by various electromagnetic and radio sources which can cause disruptive interferences to your equipment. This EMI/RFI line noise is also instrumental in causing damage to your equipment as well as data corruption and audio and visual performance problems. The line conditioners are equipped with technology that filters out this line noise and prevents it from affecting your equipment or corrupting your data.

Conditioner Surge Protection

The power line conditioners do incorporate powerful surge suppressors that are designed to suppress the strongest surges that can come up your utility power line. These conditioners have a much larger capacity of surge suppression than surge protectors and help in protecting your equipment from these damaging surges. Most of these conditioners include both full normal mode as well as common mode line surge suppression.

Diagnostic Capabilities

Most line conditioners have built in diagnostic capabilities which let you have complete power status information. They let you know the status about your AC power, the status of the voltage that you are receiving and whether it is high or low or normal.

Additional the units give you the status of your AC line and whether there is a fault in the line. They usually have an On/Off switch which lets you have control over all the components that they safeguard.

Compact Size

Compact Line Conditioner

Compact Line Conditioner

These units are usually very compact and are designed to fit anywhere you might want to have them, whether you want them to protect your computer or TV or any other electronic equipment. They can integrate with any equipment at home or in the office or even a lab where you might have electronic equipment which needs to be protected from discrepancies in your electric supply.


Some of these conditioners also come with a 2 year warranty and a lifetime insurance that guarantees lifetime protection of your electronic equipment from surge damage. Also most of these conditioners have multiple outlets that allow you to connect a few appliances at the same time.


Power line conditioners are available in different wattage sizes to fit your needs. Also considering the expensive electronic equipment that they can protect, their price range of $100.00 plus or minus is quite reasonable. They are silent in their operation and because they are compact can easily be taken with you when you are traveling to help you protect your computer or any other electronic equipment that you might want to use.

Summary Power Line Conditioners

With a line conditioner connected to your sensitive electronic equipment you can have the peace of mind knowing that your equipment is being protected at all times and that no matter whether you have fluctuations in voltage in your electric supply or whether you have un clean electric supply with noise and disturbances, it will not affect your equipment.

Line Conditioner Recommendations to Investigate

1200 watt level

Auto Voltage Control Unit

Single 15 amp to multi-outlet bars

Consideration of line conditioning is a must when using standard (non inverter) generators and in areas of poor quality utility power supply. Be sure to check out some of these units above to see if they will meet your needs.

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