Parallel Kits For Portable Generators

Inverter generators supply clean electrical power which is safe for your sensitive electronic equipment. But these generators typically can supply relatively small wattage of continuous power. So if you have an inverter generator and need an increased wattage to supply your needs, you are going to either have to get a larger generator which may not be able to supply clean electrical power or you could get another similar wattage inverter generator and connect it in parallel with your generator to increase the wattage output.

Connecting Two Inverter Generators

To be able to connect two inverter generators to increase the output wattage you will need a parallel kit. Most manufacturers of inverter generators which can be run parallel with another generator have a parallel kit as an accessory to their generators.

These parallel kits are made especially so that you can connect two generators to increase the output wattage. In order to be able to use the parallel kit to connect two generators you have to have two generators that are compatible with each other and can be connected in parallel.

Usually two inverter generators that are of the same make and model can be connected together with the help of the parallel kits. Most manufacturers have parallel kits that can be used only with their generators. This means that you have to get a parallel kit from the same manufacturer as your generator.

Parallel kits when used with two generators can almost double the output wattage that can be realized from one generator. Connecting two generators in parallel is very useful when you need extra wattage to run some appliances that cannot be run by the output from one generator.

Parallel Kit Advantages

Parallel kits give you the advantage of using just one generator when you need limited wattage this has an added advantage of being to run your generators economically.

There are times when you are at events, camping or when you are in your RV or even when you are using generators as a backup power source for your home, you may not need a lot of wattage to run a few appliances. During these times you can run just one generator to supply you with the electrical wattage you need. This lets you conserve fuel by running a generator that meets your power needs.

If you need to run more appliances and the wattage exceeds that of your generator you can use the parallel kit to connect another generator and increase the wattage. This lets you not only control the amount of wattage you can use but also lets you control the amount of fuel you use.

Parallel Kit Availability

Most of the parallel kits that the generator manufacturers have on the market as accessories for their generators are available under $100.00. Though different manufacturers have differing prices for their parallel kits, you will need to see that the parallel kit that you get for your generators matches the input for those generators. You also have to remember that most of these parallel kits can only be used with similar generators from the that manufacturer.


YAMAHA Sidewinder Parallel
List Price: $89.96
Price: $89.96
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