Outlet Splitters For Portable Generators

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Portable generators can supply you with electrical power wherever you may need it. But there is one limitation that most of these portable generators have and that is the number of outlets.

Most of these generators have 1 or 2 sets of duplex 20 amp 120Volt outlets and one 120V/240V 20 or 30 amp twist lock outlet. This means that when you want to use your generator to power more appliances or tools than the number of outlets you cannot do so.


There are accessories available for these generators whereby you can overcome this drawback. These accessories are called outlet splitters. There are different types of splitters available with 2, 3 or more outlets on one cord. With these type of splitters it is possible to make the utmost out of the power that your generator can provide.

You can get these splitter adapters that are capable of providing the same amount of power in each outlet as the outlet of the generator.

Outlet Splitter uses

When you use the portable generator to power the appliances in your home you can do this by connecting the generator to a transfer switch that takes the power from your generator and supplies it to all the circuits in your home whereby you can use as many appliances at one time as your generator can support.

When you are using the generator for camping or on a job site where you need to power more appliances than the outlets that your generator has, you need a cord that can be plugged into one outlet of the generator and has multiple outlets at the other end. At the same time this cord should be able to deliver the same amount of power that the outlet in the generator does.

The various splitters that are available help you do this. The only thing that you need to keep in mind is that the splitter cord is compatible to the amps and total power of the generator outlet.

Splitters for your Duplex Outlets

Twist lock outlet L5 Splitters


Twist Lock outlet L14 Outlet Splitters

There are splitters that can be connected to a 120V/240V twist lock outlet and have 2 or more receptacles that can supply 120V 20 amp power.

Arcon 17362 Generator Power Splitter
List Price: $34.99
Price: $34.99
You Save: N/A

Special Outlet Splitters

There are heavy duty splitters available that even have up to 8 outlets with circuit breakers like the one from  8 outlet power station that can plug into a 5-15 amp receptacle and can supply 8 outlets with 15 amp power.

There are also splitters like the Camco 55025 Power Grip Maximizer 45 amp adapter that can be connected to both the 120Volt receptacle as well as the 120V/240V receptacle to maximize the power that you can utilize from your generator. With this adapter splitter it is possible to use up to 45 amps of power.

There’s probably a splitter or adapter for your every need.

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