Maintenance Kits For Generators

When you buy a generator you need to take care of it and do periodic maintenance for it to give you the best service.

Regular maintenance

Regular maintenance of the generator means that you have to check the engine oil and change it periodically. You also have to check and change the air filter if necessary. This also goes for the spark plug which may need cleaning or changing periodically also if your generator is equipped with an oil filter, you will need to change that whenever you change the engine oil.

To do the necessary maintenance on your generator you will need engine oil, spark plugs as well as air filters and oil filters. You can buy all of these items separately which means that you have to know exactly which air filter and which oil filter your particular generator uses. When you buy these items separately you will wind up spending more for the items.

Many of the recognized brands of generators sell maintenance kits for generators they produce. These kits include everything that you will need to do periodic maintenance on your generator.

Manufacture Maintenance Kits

If you own a standby generator it is most likely that you can find a maintenance kit for it from the company that made the generator. This kit would have all the necessary items required for the generator with the right air filters as well as the right oil filters. These kits at times also include a funnel and cloths to wipe your hands after you have completed the maintenance on the generator.

If you have a portable generator you can find a few maintenance kits for some specific brands of generators. At times though these kits may be for some other make of generators but you may find that the air filters and the oil filters fit your generator.

If the specific brand of your portable generator does not sell maintenance kits for your generator you may find the necessary kit for your generator by looking for kits that are made for the engine size of your generator. You will have to verify that the component parts match.

Maintenance Kit Extras

Some of the maintenance kits also include fuel stabilizer, which means that you do not need to drain the gasoline from your generator but just add the fuel stabilizer to give the gasoline in the fuel tank a longer shelf life. Maintenance kits are designed to let you service your generator with all the items that need changing. When you get a maintenance kit for your generator with all the items you need, the kit costs you much less than having to buy the items separately.

The only thing that you may have to buy is the engine oil since most but not all of these kits do not include engine oil.

Portable Generator Maintenance Kit Summary

Maintenance of your generator will ensure that it always works at its best while delivering the electric power when you need it. Maintenance kits help you with the maintenance of your generator by letting you have all the items you need to service it in one package which not only is convenient but also saves you money.


The biggies focus largely on the standby generators, but do have kits available for the portable models.


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