Kohler 14 RESAL-200 14000 Watt Standby Generator

Kohler 14 RESAL 200 - 14kW Standby Generator

Kohler 14 RESAL 200 – 14kW Standby Generator

The Kohler 14RESAL-200 watt air cooled standby generator is designed to automatically deliver power to your whole house in times of power outages. It comes with a 200 Amp Whole House Automatic Transfer switch.

Since the 1920’s, Kohler has been making generators and power units. Today Kohler is known for its innovative generators and is the leader in generator technology for the residential, commercial as well as the industrial markets in standby generators. Kohler generators are quality tested from the start to the finish which makes them one of the most reliable generators on the market.

All their generators have a commercial grade engine to ensure long life and they can handle extreme conditions. Kohler generators have one of the best warranties at 5 years and 2000 hour to give you peace of mind.

Power Output and Generation

The Kohler 14 RESAL-200 standby generator is powered by a Kohler Command Pro 725 cc OHV 4 cycle V twin cylinder air cooled engine which is designed to run on natural gas or Propane at 3600 rpm. This unit is EPA and CARB compliant using both LP and NG.

This generator can deliver 12,000 watts when running on natural gas and 14,000 watts when running on propane. The standby system is an auto-start design via a local battery and depending on seller bundling the battery is usually not included.

The engine is equipped with an oil drain extension with shutoff valve for maintenance.

Electrical Generation and Usability

Auto Transfer Switch

This standby generator is designed to be hardwired to the either the 100 amp or 200 amp Model RXT automatic transfer switch. The 14RESAL has line circuit breaker of 70 amps (which is more than the unit can produce).

It will provide up to 58 amps on LP and 50 amps on NG, which is approximately able to run several 15 amp circuits at less than full rating. Kohler specifically indicates to not use the Model RRT xfer switch with this unit.

There are no additional outlets at the generator, although there does exist a way to wire in receptacles to the stub up locations. We suggest that you use a qualified electrician and ensure use of outdoor rated parts if you attempt to add outlets.

Kohler has a unique PowerBoost ™ voltage regulation system at ±1% for instant response to load changes providing a quality regulated power supply for sensitive electronics.

See sections below for additional details of some of these great features of the controller.

Fuel Type and Noise Levels:

With ability to use either NG or LP the 14RESAL-200 generator is meant to be connected to the main gas supply which is used for heating in your home. The ability to connect direct to natural gas supply or large LP tank provides for long duration run times.

Fuel consumption published by Kohler for NG at 50% load is 124 cfh
and on LP at 50% load is 60 cfh.


This generator is comparatively quiet when running, producing only 67 db of sound at full load and 63db level when exercised or idling. This is less than most portable generators at half this output. This talks well to the enclosure characteristics and the use of the flame-retardant foam. Although this could be an annoying level if located close to your outdoor activities or open window, it is not much worse than many outdoor air conditioners units.

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Dimensions and Weight

The Kohler 14RESAL-200 standby generator is relatively compact with overall dimensions of 48 x 26.2 x 29 inches (L x W x H) and it weighs in at 410 lbs. This is definitely not a portable generator and is intended to be stationary at this size and weight.

Typical Uses and Needs

The Kohler 14RESAL-200 14,000 watt air cooled standby generator is meant to be used as a standby power source for your home or small business in times of power outages.

This generator turns itself on automatically when it detects a loss in the utility power supply and with the automatic transfer switch changes the power source from the utility to the generator. With this generator, no matter whether you are at home or not, if there is an outage of power your home will always have power.

This generator supplies very clean electricity, which refers to the highly regulated voltage with low harmonic distortion, meaning all your sensitive electronic equipment can be safely run when the generator is supplying power.

With capability of supplying 14,000 or 12,000 watts of power, you can run your entire household without worry with this generator. This generator is also a great fit to be used as a backup power supply source for your small office or store.

Display & Control Panel, Start-up

Kohler DC2 controller

Kohler DC2 Controller

The control panel of the Kohler 14RESAL standby generator can be found under the roof of the generator. It is situated to the extreme right, this is a digital controller which provides integrated control

This controller for RESAL models uses a digital control (DC2) which provides for integrated control with Kohler’s Model RXT transfer switch, programmable interface module and load control module.

There are a number of other features such as date/time, engine temperature monitoring, governor to maintain steady state speed, voltage regulation, auto start, exercise modes, USB connector for tech connection, integral Ethernet connector for Kohler’s OnCue, battery charger for built in battery, remote hard wire connection to transfer switch, and diagnostic messages.

The controller has a 2 line LCD screen which displays system settings and status messages at 16 characters per line and the screen is easy reading and visible in direct sunlight..

The controller has a 3 button keypad which include OFF, RUN, AUTO buttons for the normal operation of the unit. It also has a exercise button to manually run the engine through a test cycle, and when controller is OFF will reset the OnCue password. (see more below)

The Off button lets you turn the generator off. This button also clears any faults and resets the controller.

The RUN button starts the generator and the AUTO button lets you put the generator in the standby mode. The Arrow buttons help you navigate through the menu and change the settings. The LED lights indicate the status of the generator. The RUN LED light lights up when the generator has been started manually by pressing the RUN button. The OFF LED light lights up and flashes when the generator and the remote controller are off.

In the AUTO mode this light flashes to indicate a fault shut down. The AUTO LED lights up when the generator is in the standby mode. The Utility Power Available LED lights when utility power is available. The Building On Utility Power LED lights when power is connected to the utility through the transfer switch. The Generator Power Available LED lights up when the generator power is available and the Building On Generator Power LED lights up when the load is connected to the generator through the transfer switch.

There actually 30 status points you can monitor.

The main status displays are:

  • Voltage and frequency
  • Engine temperature
  • Oil pressure
  • Battery voltage
  • Engine runtime hours
  • Maintenance reminders
  • OnCue status (connected/disconnected)

Start up

The Kohler 14RESAL standby generator has an automatic transfer switch that monitors the utility’s power. When in the standby mode the generator turns itself On automatically when it detects a loss in the utility power and transfers the load from the utility to the generator. The generator can also be started manually by closing the remote switch which will start the generator. You can also start the generator by pressing the Run button on the generator to start it immediately.

Shut down

When the generator is in the AUTO mode it turns itself Off automatically when it detects that the power has been restored by the utility company. It also switches the load back to the utility from the generator. To stop the generator manually you need to press the OFF button which stops the generator. You can also stop the generator by opening the remote control switch.

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Significant Features

  1. It has a powerful and reliable twin cylinder engine with hydraulic lifters that requires minimum maintenance.
  2. It provides extremely clean electricity to protect your sensitive electronic equipment.
  3. It has a digital controller that manages the generator as well as the transfer switch functions.
  4. Its PowerBoost ™ technology is a voltage regulation system which uses a separate winding to provide excitation voltage for motor starting and consistent voltage levels. It is advertised to start and run a 5 ton air conditioner. (Note this does require calculating exact requirements to ensure this capability)
  5. It has a digital voltage regulator that controls the voltage output.
  6. It has a fast response time and it can restore power within 10 seconds.
  7. It has a corrosion proof enclosure that can withstand the harshest environments.
  8. It has a silencer that reduces the noise level.
  9. It is CARB compliant and available in all 50 states.
  10. It runs on either natural gas or liquid propane.
  11. It has a 5 year or 2000 hour limited warranty.

Care and Maintenance and Use

In order to ensure proper operation of the generator it is advised that you do regular checks of the generator. Before starting the generator check that the air cleaner element is clean. Check the air inlets and see that they do not have any obstructions. Check and see that the battery connections are tight. Check the exhaust system for leaks and blockages. Check the muffler condition and also see that the exhaust outlet does not have any obstructions. Also check that there is sufficient engine oil in the system. Here is the recommended maintenance schedule as prescribed by Kohler for the Kohler 14RESAL standby generator.

Every 8 hours or before use

  1. Check the engine oil.


  1. Check the main tank supply level.
  2. Check the exhaust line for leakages.
  3. Check for obstructions or combustible materials near the exhaust.
  4. Check the engine mountings for wear or damage.
  5. Exercise the generator set.
  6. Check the general condition of the system for leakage, vibration, excessive noise, high temperature or any deterioration.

Every month

  1. Check the battery charger operation.
  2. Test the remote control system.


  1. Check the flexible fuel lines and connections and change them if necessary.
  2. Check the electrical system for damage.
  3. Check the generator for damage.
  4. Check and clean the interior of sound enclosure.

Every six months

  1. Check the electrical system for wire abrasion.


  1. Inspect the fuel piping.
  2. Inspect crankcase breather hose.
  3. Change engine oil.
  4. Change the oil filter.
  5. Check and clean the air ducts.
  6. Check the exhaust line insulation.
  7. Remove corrosion and clean and dry the battery rack.
  8. Clean and tighten the battery terminals.
  9. Check the battery electrolyte level.
  10. Check and tighten control and power wiring connections.
  11. Replace the air cleaner.
  12. Check and replace spark plugs if necessary.
  13. Check and clean the brushes and collector ring of the generator.

Every 3 years

  1. Check the wire cable insulation condition.
  2. Replace the stepper motor coupling and brushes.
  3. Measure and record resistance readings of windings with insulation tester.

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Warranty and Repairs

The Kohler 14RESAL standby generator is covered by a 5 year or 2000 hour limited warranty.

The warranty covers repair, replacement of parts or adjustments at the option of Kohler co. The warranty covers the parts and defective workmanship if parts are returned to Kohler Co. or to an authorized dealer, but labor charges are covered for a period of 2 years only.

For off grid use (commerical applications) the warranty is still a good 18 month/ 1000 hours.

Additionally the warranty is not transferrable.

Consumer Comments

The Kohler 14RESAL standby generator gets nearly the full stars by customers reviewing it on Amazon and other outlets.

Most of the customers who bought this unit were happy with its performance. They also liked the fact that it was very reliable and many of the customers said that they would recommend this generator to friends. Some of them also commented on how well it was made.

They liked the fact that it was priced lower than other comparable units. They liked the fact that the company has very good customer support and they could get to a live person quickly when contacting customer support. Many of the customers commented on how quiet this generator ran compared to other generators.

The only problem that a few of the customers had with this generator is that it did not come with instructions on how to install it and that you had to get a Kohler recommended installer to install the generator.

Note that Kohler markets the installation of the generator and will take care of everything including any permits that might be required. Do expect to pay more than $2000 for this service. It was noted that it can take 6 plus hours to do a complete proper installation.

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Pros & Cons


  • It is a dual fuel generator and can run on either natural gas or be readily adapted to liquid propane.
  • It has a twin cylinder 4 cycle 725cc OHV air cooled engine which is capable of starting all your appliances without any trouble.
  • It has an electronic control panel which also has an ethernet card so that you can control the generator with your laptop computer.
  • It delivers clean electrical power so that you can even run your sensitive electronic equipment safely.
  • It restores power in 10 seconds on detecting loss in the utility power.
  • It is comparatively very quiet.
  • It has a cover that is resistant to rust and weather proof.


  • The only con that could be found for this generator was that the instructions were not complete.


The Kohler 14RESAL standby generator is available about $3750 with free shipping at several outlets. Shipping and tax may vary.

You can check out current pricing here and also get additional listing of features. Insert Amazon link here.


There are a few accessories that you could get for your Kohler 14RESAL standby generator.

You could get a Kohler Maintenance Kit for your generator which includes engine oil, air filter, oil filter, pre filter as well as spark plugs.

Kohler GM62346 Maintenance Kit for 12/14 kW Residential Generators

There is a Kohler carburetor heater kit available for this generator which helps in starting the generator in very cold weather.

Kohler GM19462-KP1 Carburetor Heater Kit for 12RESL, 14RESL, and 14RESAL Generators

You can also get a Kohler load control module which helps in managing higher electrical loads by cycling circuits

Kohler GM77177-KP2 Load Control Module with Terminal Block

Also available is the Kohler programmable interface module which works with the OnCue Generator Management System and allows for remote power management of the generator.

KOHLER GM81385-KP1 OnCue Generator Management System Software

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Run your house with a Kohler 14 RESAL

The Kohler 14RESAL-200 air cooled standby generator is capable of producing 14,000 watts of electrical power when running on propane and 12,000 watts when running on natural gas.

This generator has a reliable 725 cc twin cylinder air cooled engine which is capable of starting all your electrical appliances. This generator is ideal as a standby generator for your home during times of power outages. It can run your entire home within 10 seconds of power failure.

It produces very clean electricity which makes it safe to run your sensitive electronic equipment. As a standby generator it can also provide emergency power to your office or warehouse as well.

The one drawback is that the information provided is really not for the DIY person that has only limited knowledge. You’ll need to contact Kohler and request specific additional literature for installation of the unit and transfer switch.

Having been in the power generation business for many years Kohler has a solid reputation for quality and performance. These standby generators are worthy of your consideration.

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