Generac CorePower Series 5837-7,000 Watt Standby Generator Review

Generac CorePower 5837 w/ Transfer Switch

The Generac CorePower Series 5837 is a 7000 watt standby generator which comes with a complete system including a 50 amp transfer switch and is the most affordable generator in its range. It can automatically supply you with electrical power during power outages for a moderate load need. As a CARB compliant engine it is good for use in California.

Generac is well known for manufacturing a wide range of generators. Since 1959 Generac has manufactured affordable generators and they also have designed engines specifically for these generators. They offer generators in all ranges from portable to residential as well as for both commercial and industrial applications. They are also well known for their transfer switches and accessories for these generators.

The CorePower is designed to be an economical choice for homeowners that would like a standby generator setup without the expense or the need of the higher powered and cost of the Guardian Series.

Power Output and Generation

The Generac CorePower Series 5837 generator is powered by a Generac 432cc OHV engine. The engine is air cooled. Fuel consumption is for natural gas is 85 ft3/hr at half load and 148 ft3/hr at full load. For LP it is 36 and 46 ft3/hr respectively. (For LP this means about 1 gal and 1.25 gals per hour at the 50% and full load applications)

This generator is capable of supplying 6000 watts of continuous power when running on natural gas and 7000 watts of power when running on liquid propane. The specs don’t provide a surge capacity

The output is direct via the bundled Generac 50 amp transfer switch for automatic operation. The switch has 8 circuits configured as:






1 (dual circuit)







This allows you to use one major 240V appliance and six 120V circuits; where one uses the top end amperage of 20 amps, with the other 5 supplying typical 15 amp household circuits.

Practical use means using the 240V circuit at full generator capacity or using the other circuits up to about 4500 watts with 1500 to 2500 watts available for the 240V circuit. This is enough to provide a respectable amount of electrical appliance and lighting use during a power outage.

The generator does not have any direct outlets available at the unit.

Fuel Type and Noise Levels:

The Generac CorePower Series 5837 generator is designed to run on either natural gas or liquid propane. This is a standby generator which turns on automatically when you lose power and it is meant to be connected to your natural gas or propane fuel source.


This generator is relatively a quiet generator producing only 67dB of sound when running. This is better than most open frame generators that are 70 to 72 dB. With proper placement you’ll be able to hear it running without it interfering with your normal activities.

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Dimensions and Weight

The Generac CorePower Series 5837 standby generator is very compact. The overall dimensions of this generator are 24.4 x 30.2 x 33 ( L x W x H ) and it weighs in at 225 lbs. Although shipping weight could add an additional 25 lbs. or so.

At a height of under three feet and a foot print of less that two and half feet it is unobtrusive and will blend in well to your landscape with a little properly placed landscaping.

Typical Uses and Needs

Installed system shown by David:

The Generac CorePower Series 5837 generator is a standby generator meant for home use. It can be powered by either your supplied natural gas or liquid propane tank.

With a range of 6,000 to 7000 watts (NG/LP respectively) it can provide adequate power for small homes and most mid range homes. It would not be a good fit for a large power hungry home where 10kW or more would be needed to provide your comfort level.

This generator is meant to be connected to your home with a transfer switch which automatically turns the generator on when your utility company suffers a power outage. It is a very compact generator and can even fit in tight spaces. It is relatively quiet and can power a significant part  of your home during power outages. As it is connected to your main supply of natural gas or propane you do not have to refuel it when it is being used unless you have isolated tanks with limited supply.

Display & Control Panel, Start-up

When you open the top panel of the Generac CorePower Series 5837 generator you will find the control panel located at the rear left.

When you look at the control panel you will see that it has the main fuse located at the top left corner and next to this you have the Auto/Off/Manual switch. Below these you will find a row of LEDs, The topmost one indicates the status of your generator. The one below that lights up when your battery is low. The one following that indicates low oil pressure and the one below that indicates high oil temperature.

The LED below this tells you when your engine is running over the speed limit and the one below this indicates the RPM sensor loss, the last LED tells you when your generator has over cranked the engine. To the right of these LEDs you have a button which you depress to set the exerciser which will automatically exercise your generator every week.


The generator is a standby generator and is meant to turn itself on automatically when it detects a loss in the utility power supply.


To have the generator start itself automatically you will need to set the power switch to the Auto position. This will turn the generator On automatically when it detects a loss in the utility power supply and turn itself Off automatically when power is restored.


You can also start the generator manually by setting the power switch to the Manual position. When you set the switch to the Manual position the generator will turn itself On but it will only transfer power to your home through the transfer switch if the generator detects a loss in the utility power supply.

Shut Down

The generator is automatic and will automatically turn itself Off when the power is restored. In times of emergencies you can also Shut Off this generator manually.

Manual Shut Off

  1. Turn the Main circuit breaker to the Off position.
  2. Let the generator run without any load for a couple of minutes.
  3. Turn the Auto/OFF/ Manual switch to the Off position.

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Additional Features

Here are some of the features of the Generac CorePower Series 5837 generator.

  1. This generator is complete system, it comes with a 50 amp transfer switch with 8 circuits and circuit breakers.
  2. It is very affordable.
  3. It is very easy to install and maintain.
  4. It is CARB compliant.
  5. It has a fully automatic operation which lets it turns itself On when it detects a loss in the utility’s power and it switches Off automatically when the power is restored.
  6. It has a Generac 432 cc OHV engine with cast iron cylinder walls for a longer life.
  7. It has a full pressure lubrication system to protect the engine.
  8. It has automatic voltage regulation which prevents the voltage from spiking.
  9. It has an enclosed critical grade muffler which reduces its noise level.
  10. It comes with a mounting pad and a composite polymer enclosure which is weather resistant.
  11. It has a main line circuit breaker and a trickle battery charger.
  12. It has a revolving field alternator design which is 25% more efficient than other alternators.

Care and Maintenance and Use

It is very important that you perform regular service on your Generac CorePower Series 5837 generator to ensure that it runs properly and complies with the emission standards. Here is the maintenance schedule for this generator as recommended by Generac.

  1. Inspect the enclosure louvers and clean them if necessary.


  1. Inspect the fuel lines and connections.
  2. Check the oil level.
  3. Check the battery and clean any corrosion also clean and tighten battery terminals.
  4. Check the general condition of the generator for excessive vibration, noise, leakage and excessive temperature.

Every 6 months

  1. Check the charge level of the battery.
  2. Check the electrolyte in the battery.

Every 100 hours

  1. Change the engine oil.
  2. Change the oil filter.

Every 200 hours

  1. Check the air cleaner and replace if necessary.
  2. Check the spark plug and replace if necessary.
  3. Do a complete tune up.

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Warranty and Repairs

The Generac CorePower Series 5837 standby generator is covered by a 2 year limited warranty. The warranty begins on the date of the purchase and the unit needs to be registered with Generac.

The generator is covered from all defects in parts and workmanship as deemed by Generac or an authorized agent. All repairs are to be carried out by Generac or an authorized service agent. The warranty is transferable and only applies to permanently wired and mounted units.

Because of the requirement for an authorized service agent, be sure to check hourly rates, there are unconfirmed reports of unreasonable rates being charged by these agents in cases where they are required.

Also available is the extended warranty, read more: Generac Extended Warranty for Air Cooled Generators

Consumer Comments

The Generac CorePower Series 5837 standby generator gets fairly high ratings on Amazon and other review sites. It appears that you have a great experience or a mediocre customer service substandard parts experience. In general it’s on the plus side.

The customers who bought this generator liked its price and also its size. Most of them were very happy with its performance and liked the fact that it is an automatic standby generator.

Some of the customers did not like the fact that it could not power their whole house, but then this generator is rated to produce only 6000 to 7000 watts of electrical power. Some of the customers did comment that this generator suited their purpose and that it was extremely quiet.

Though most of the comments were favorable there were a few customers who were disappointed with this generator and the Generac customer support. Some of the customers received units that were defective or damaged and had to wait for quite long periods to get Generac Customer support to help them out. Some of these customers also commented that the transfer switch was not as sturdy as the other transfer switches that Generac made.

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Pros & Cons


  • Very affordable standby generator.
  • Very compact and easy to install.
  • Has a weather proof enclosure.
  • It comes with a transfer switch with 8 circuits and circuit breakers.
  • It has a Generac 432 cc OHV engine with a cast iron sleeve for long life.
  • It has an automatic voltage regulator.
  • It has an enclosed critical grade muffler which lets it run very quietly.
  • It can run on either natural gas or liquid propane.
  • It has a Manual/Auto/Off switch as well as a 7 day exerciser switch.
  • It has a main line circuit breaker and a trickle charger for the battery.


  • Manual does not contain enough information for wiring the switches.
  • It is very heavy for its size, but this is a plus for theif.
  • Generac customer service is slow to respond.


The Generac CorePower Series 5837 standby generator is available at most stores online for a price under $1700. Some of the stores offer free shipping while a few store have shipping as extra. It is usually available at Amazon with free shipping check the latest pricing here:

Generac 5837 CorePower Series 7,000 Watt Air-Cooled Natural Gas/Liquid Propane Powered Standby Generator with Transfer Switch


When you get a Generac CorePower Series 5837 standby generator there are a few accessories that you could get to go along with it to help you with its performance.

You could also get a Generac cold weather kit which helps the start up of the generator in extreme cold conditions.

Generac 7 kW CorePower Cold Weather Kit Fits 8-20kW Air-Cooled Home Standby Generators, Model# 5865

You could also get a Generac maintenance kit with oil and weather kit included to help you change the engine oil.


You could get a Generac CorePower maintenance kit for your standby generator which comes with a air filter, an oil filter and spark plug to help you with the maintenance.

 Generac 6003 Maintenance Kit for Generac 7kW CorePower

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PowerupGenerator video summary:

The Generac CorePower Series 5837 Standby generator is an entry level generator which is fully automatic for your house backup power.

It can run on either natural gas or propane and can supply up to 7000 watts of electrical power. During power outages it can easily run the essentials in a large home while being able to power a smaller home.

This generator is a very affordable generator and can supply you with enough electrical power to run most of your appliances at the same time.

This generator is designed to be sturdy and have a long life though there have been a few complaints with the Generac customer support and service agent costs.

It is an economical generator to have as a backup power source for your home during times of power outages or emergencies.

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