Gasoline Storage Cans for Your Portable Generator

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Storage of additional fuel for your portable generator is always a concern. Once one determines the number of hours and days that you are likely to need fuel there is a need to get those storage containers. The Portable Generator Fuel Options and Considerations article discussed the need to consider fuel volatility and long term storage. Gasoline needs to add stabilizer and other forms need different size containers. In this posting we’ll look at several storage size options for gasoline.

Gasoline Storage Options

One of the important things to thing about when storing your fuel is the convenience of moving it or the ability to add the fuel to your generator. For pure portability you’ll want to use 2 to 5 gallon containers or one that has a mobility kit or be on a trailer for easy relocation. Scouring around I found these options available on amazon.

1 to 2.5 gallon gasoline can size.

These sizes are handy for small tailgating and camping portable generators. If you use a gas lawn mower you probably have one for everyday use. If not it’s not a bad idea even if you have larger storage to have this type of portability.

Some smaller size options:

No-Spill 1415 1-1/4-Gallon Poly Gas Can (CARB Compliant)

Briggs & Stratton 85023 2+ Gallon Gas Can

Eagle UI-20-FS Red Galvanized Steel Type 1 Gasoline Safety Can with Funnel, 2 gallon Capacity, 9.5″ Height, 11.25″ Diameter

5  to 6 gallon Gasoline Cans

This level is absolutely the common size used for supporting the 4 to 8 gallon tank sizes on larger generators. It’s still light enough at under 40 lbs when full to be mobile and easily filled. A few of these can help you last several days when then next storm wipes out your power.

Justrite AccuFlow 7250130 Type II Galvanized Steel Safety Can with 1″ Flexible Spout, 5 Gallons Capacity, Red

Briggs & Stratton 85060 6-Gallon Auto Shut Off Gas Can – CARB Compliant

Large Storage with Mobility (also used for diesel)

The 14 to 30 gallon size of mobile fuel container is and excellent way to service several generators or store fuel in your back up plan. Being mobile with a pump they provide a great way to also cycle your inventory and reduce the use of stabilizer. Although use a stabilizer in these cans is still justifiable. Having a couple of these around might bode well for helping out the neighbors in an extended outage scenario.

Moeller A/D 12-Gallon Low Profile Portable Fuel Tank

30 Gallon Gas Caddy Tank Storage Drum Barrel Gasoline Fluid Diesel Transfering

Very Large Fixed Gasoline Storage

Ranchers and Farmers as well as long term construction sites have used the fixed storage tank for serving their fleet of vehicles and portable equipment. This can also work for you if thought out properly and used effectively in turnover of your gasoline inventory. With a 500 gallon tank you will be the service station and supplier when folks need fuel. 

UWS TT-100-R-T/P 100 Gallon Rectangular Transfer Tank

Tradesman TRST55BK 55-Gallon Black Steel Rectangular Liquid Storage Tank

Fuel Stabilizer

As an additive this can add to your cost of fuel, however, the benefits of protection of fuel and components can well out weigh the costs. These products are produced so that you don’t have to worry as much about draining your fuel or having it gum up when it hasn’t been in use for a long time. An ounce per every 2 1/2 gallons is what’s needed. Depending on the economics of purchase it can be under 20 cents to treat one gallon, but as much as 75 cents. Do consider getting the larger sizes to save on this option.

STA-BIL 22204 Fuel Stabilizer Blister Card – 4 Fl oz.


 Storing and usage is a key consideration in having a generator available for work or backup. Having smaller gas cans makes them portable for many uses and suits a majority of users especially on small units that don’t consume large amounts of fuel. On the other hand having a larger mobile unit of 14 to 30 gallons of gas on hand makes a lot of sense for the heavy user. It may also make a lot of sense for folks that experience a lot of long term power outages, and by adding fuel stabilizer you can extend the time needed in cycling through your inventory.

For those that have a significant turnover of fuel the exteremly large tank storage makes for a convienent way to order and dispense fuel. For remote locations this can really provide the needed fuel supply without having to worry about running out when you don’t want to or can’t travel to refuel more often.

Determine your needs and evaluate needed storage and ability to prepare for those needs and purchase a few small cans, a larger mobile can or what ever will best suit your needs. The above options are a great starting point and may fit your needs easily. Check them out and get prepared.

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