Fuel Stabilizer for Portable Generators

Gasoline Stabilizer

Gasoline is the fuel of choice for most engines. The only problem with gasoline is that it deteriorates over time fairly quickly. If you have a gasoline engine equipped piece of equipment and if you have not drained the fuel tank or the carburetor, you may find that you have problems starting the engine if it has stale fuel in the tank. Fuel stabilizers help to overcome this problem. They are meant to keep the gasoline fresh for a longer time.

There are many fuel stabilizers available on the market, most of them basically have the same purpose of keeping your fuel fresh. Some of them have added chemicals that help to not only keep your fuel fresh but also to absorb any water in the fuel, prevent gum and varnish from depositing in your carburetor, some of them also help in cleaning and lubricating the engine. You can use fuel stabilizers in any gasoline engine, they also help in increasing the performance of the engine as well as increasing the fuel efficiency.

With the different brands of fuel stabilizers available on the market, each of them has a different proportion of the amount to be added to the gasoline depending on their composition. The cost of the various brands seems to depend on the quantity of fuel stabilizer in the container and the amount of gasoline it can treat. You can find fuel stabilizers from $2.00 and up, but the cheaper ones have a lesser quantity and can treat only a few gallons of gasoline.

When you use a fuel stabilizer along with the gasoline for your engines you will find a definite improvement in their starting as well as running. If you have stale gas in your fuel tank you can treat it with a fuel stabilizer. You may have to let the fuel sit over night for the stabilizer to work on the stale fuel. These fuel stabilizers recondition stale fuel and let you use it in your gasoline engines. You can use fuel stabilizers in your cars, motorcycles, small engines, boats as well as any other engine using gasoline as fuel.

Diesel Stabilizer

If you have a diesel engine, there are fuel stabilizers that are available for diesel fuel. These fuel stabilizers help in keeping the diesel liquid and free flowing even in the coldest temperatures. Diesel fuel has a tendency of getting thick in cold temperatures, by adding fuel stabilizer to your fuel you do not have to worry about the diesel getting thick and not flowing properly to the engine. These stabilizers also help to improve the engine performance and fuel efficiency of the diesel engines.

Whenever you are storing your fuel powered equipment for any length of time, you need to add fuel stabilizer to the gas tank of that engine. You need to add fuel stabilizer to any gasoline that you intend to store for a period of time to keep it from going stale and not being able to function properly in your engine.

Gas Fuel Stabilizer Recommendations

STA-BIL 22214 Fuel Stabilizer – 32 Fl oz.

Briggs & Stratton Fresh Start Fuel Stabilizer Plus 4.2 Oz 5041K

Star brite Star Tron Enzyme Fuel Treatment Formula for Small Engines

PRI Fuel Stabilizer- For Gasoline 32oz

Diesel Fuel Stabilizer Recommendations

Sta-Bil 22254 Diesel Formula Fuel Stabilizer and Performance Improver – 32 oz.

PRI-D Fuel Stabilizer- For Diesel 32oz

Lucas 10013 Fuel Treatment – 1 Gallon

Top of Fuel Stabilizer for Portable Generators

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