Fuel Conversion Kits For Portable Generators

Having a portable generator as a back up source of power for your home can help you keep your home running in times of power outages.

Generators are also useful to have on hand if you work on job sites where there may be no electricity available. They are also useful for camping as well as taking them in your RV to run your electrical equipment.

Portable generator is a very useful piece of equipment and can supply you with power wherever you may need it.

One Fuel Source Or Not?

Most of the generators are designed to run one a single fuel, be it gasoline, liquid propane or natural gas. This somewhat limits their usage if you are unable to have the fuel required to run the generator available to you. IMPCO is a company that lets you run your generator on more than one fuel.

Conversion Kits

They have conversion kits for generator that are tri fuel that let your generator run on gasoline as well as propane or natural gas. They also have dual fuel conversion kits that let you run your generator on either propane or natural gas.

Advantages of a Tri-Fuel Conversion Kit

With a tri fuel conversion kit attached to your generator you do not have to worry about running out of gasoline, you can always connect a propane tank and have your generator up and running. In times of power outages it sometimes gets difficult to get gasoline, but you can always get a tank of propane.

Another advantage of installing one of these kits is if your house has runs on Propane or natural gas for your heating. You can always connect the generator to one of these fuel sources and not have to worry about running out of fuel.

IMPCO has many different models of these conversion kits

They make conversion kits to fit most of the generators available on the market. You may have to do some minor modification to fit a conversion kit to your generator. These kits come with all the necessary parts required to convert your generator to run on more than one fuel. They are very easy to assemble and it does not take much time to get your generator running on a different fuel source.

The main part of a conversion kit to convert your generator to run on natural gas or propane is the regulator. This has an inlet where you connect your source of fuel and an outlet which you connect to the carburetor of your generator. When you are running on propane or natural gas you need to shut the fuel valve to the gasoline tank of your generator, similarly when you are running on gasoline you will need to shut the fuel valve of your propane or natural gas source.

<h3id=”costkits”>Costs of Conversion Kits

Most of the different kits offered by IMPCO cost between $260.00 and $300.00, they also have the parts you may need if you need to modify your generator to accept the kit.

With an IMPCO conversion kit attached to your generator you will have the convenience and freedom to be able to use different fuel sources for your generator and will not be hampered if one of them is not available.

IMPCO Conversion Kits

Use the Amazon Search to pick one that’s right for your generator.

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