Duromax XP4400 and Duromax XP4400E 3500W Generator Review

DuroMax XP4400 Manual Start

DuroMax XP4400 Manual Start

Both the Duramax XP4400 and the XP 4400E generators can provide 3,500 watts of continuous power and can surge up to 4,400 watts of starting power.

Duromax promotes its generators that are reliable, durable and built with quality in mind. However, there is a high percent of complaints for defective parts, lack of quality control, and poor customer service. Gasoline and oil leaks seem to dominate the complaints. They are a good value for the money since they offer standard features that other brands charge a premium. Just beware of accepting a delivery before a full inspection.

DuroMax XP4400 Electric Start

DuroMax XP4400 Electric Start

Duromax generators are able to satisfy most of the strict restrictions for emissions and have a reputation for being environmentally friendly.

The most important thing that you have to keep in mind when looking for a generator is your power requirements, the fuel consumption and the noise levels that it produces.

Duromax has a wide range of generators to suit all requirements and the Duromax XP4400 and Duromax XP4400E are just two in its range of generators.

At Amazon:DuroMax XP4400 3,500 Watt Portable Generator and Electric Start: DuroMax XP4400E 3,500 Watt Portable Generator

Both of these models come in a CARB complaint model:

DuroMax XP4400-CA 3,500 Watt Portable Generator (CARB Compliant) and Electric Start: DuroMax XP4400E-CA 3,500 Watt Portable Generator (CARB Compliant)

Power Output and Generation

Both the DuroMax XP4400 and the XP 4400E generators can provide 3,500 watts of continuous power and can surge up to 4,400 watts of starting power. Both units use a 7HP 196cc OHV 4 stroke air cooled engine with cast iron sleeve.

We think that the miss representation of calling this a 4400W generator is poor marketing from these folks. Continuous power is what is used and that should be the proper call out. This type of deception speaks to low credibility for this manufacture.

One confusing issue is that some description, especially on Amazon, indicate that it has a 6.5HP engine. The recent upgrade to a 7HP has left some of these with erroneous titles.

Electrical output.

The XP4400 includes two 120-volt, 20-amp standard duplex outlets and a 120/240-volt, 30-amp twist lock outlet for connecting to high-powered tools or transfer box. It also comes with a 12V 10 amp utility connection. It is not inverter based so be careful with sensitive electronic equipment Also see plug and receptacle types for additional information..

The duplex plugs are limited to a 14.5 amp circuit breaker each, so you can’t utilize the full 20 amp size, but can get to nearly 30A with a combination of the two plugs. The L14 has the nearly the full 30 amp available at 120V, but 15A for 240V, which is the limited by total 3500 watts generated. Here’s the calculations

  • 2 x 14.58A at 120V = 3500W
  • 1 x 29.1A. at 120V = 3500W
  • 1 x 14.58A at 240V = 3500W
  • DC: 1 x 12V x 10A = 120W

Fuel Type and Noise Levels:

XP4400 - 4 Gallon Gas Tank

XP4400 – 4 Gallon Gas Tank

The Duromax XP 4400 and the XP 4400E both run on unleaded gasoline, they both have a 4 gallon steel tank and are capable of running for 8 hours at 50% capacity.

Running time on one tank


The XP4400 series is relatively quite at 69dB at around 7 meters (23 ft) having good muffler systems, which is reasonable for this configuration of open engine design.

You’ll be able to talk, but may need to raise your voice to be heard adequately.

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Dimensions and Weight

Both the Duromax XP4400 and the XP 4400E have overall dimensions of 23.2 X 17 X 17 (LxWxH) inches without the wheels and the handle attached. With the wheels and handle attached the dimensions would be 36 x 24 x 24 (LxWxH) inches. And the dry weight of both the generators without any fuel or oil is 135 lbs.

The generator will take on an added weight with gas (6 lbs per gal) and oil to a total of about 160 lbs. Which is easily moved with the wheels, but will require a couple of strong people to do a direct lift.

Typical Uses and Needs

The Duromax XP 4400 and the XP 4400E are both very versatile generators. They can be used not only as back up power in your home in times of emergencies or power failure but can also be easily transported and can be used out doors where there is no electricity avilable. They are ideal for use when camping or in your RVs to power air conditioners and other appliances.

They are also rugged enough and can supply you power at your job site when you require electricity to run power tools. With a continuous output of 3,500 watts and a surge capacity of up to 4,400 watts these generators can give out sufficient power to keep your house going during power outages and with and also these generators supply constant voltage so they are also safe for your electronic appliances.

Display & Control Panel, Start-up

The display and control panel of these two generators were designed to make it very simple for operation.

duromax-xp4400-engine switch

duromax-xp4400-manual engine switch

DuroMax-xp4400e-electric engine switch

DuroMax-xp4400e-electric engine switch

When you look at the control panel you will find that in the XP4400 you have a red engine switch to your very left with an On and Off, in the XP 4400E you have a switch that uses a key with three controls, the Start to start the engine, Run to keep it running and Off to switch of the engine.

To the right you have the Volt meter which tells you the out put at all times and below this you have the outlets for the 12Volt DC and the circuit breaker for this outlet between the two connectors.

To the right of the voltmeter you have 2 AC 120V 20 amp receptacles and next to them you have the 120V/240 V receptacle that you can use to run either 120V or 240V 30 amps. Next to this you have the Duromax RV switch which lets you get maximum power out of your 120 V receptacles or lets you choose between operating the generator to power both 120 V as well as 240V at the same time.

Next to this is the circuit breaker which shuts Off the power in case of overload and below this you have a nut for grounding the generator.

Start up

Before you start your generator see that it is on a level surface, next check the oil and fuel levels. Make sure that there are no electrical loads connected to the generator.

  1. Check and see that the generator is properly grounded.
  2. Turn the fuel valve to the On position.
  3. Move the choke lever to the Closed position.
  4. If your generator is the XP 4400 turn the engine switch to the On position.
    1. Manual start: Pull on the recoil starter till you feel a resistance, then pull it sharply to start the engine.
    2. Electric start: for the XP 4400E turn the key to the Start position and hold it there till the engine starts. Do not hold the key in the start position for more than 5 seconds. When the engine starts release the key and let it return to the On position.
  5. When the engine starts let it run for a minute then move the choke lever to the half way position.
  6. Let the engine run for another minute then move the choke lever to the Open position.
  7. Allow the generator to run for a few minutes before you connect any loads to it.

Shut Down

  1. Disconnect all loads from the generator.
  2. Let the generator run for a couple of minutes.
  3. Turn the engine switch to the Off position.
  4. Turn the fuel valve to the Off position.

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Additional Features

Here is a list of the features of the XP 4400 and the XP 4400E generators.

  1. The XP4400E generator has both an electrical start as well as a recoil start system, while the XP4400 only has a recoil start system.
  2. Has low oil protection shut off as well as a spark arrestor and also an AC/DC regulator.
  3. Voltage selector switch that allows you to get maximum power in the 120V outlets as well as letting you run both 120V as well as 240V at the same time. (Limited by total amps and watts)
  4. Heavy duty frame and 4 point isolated motor mounts for a smooth and quite operation.
  5. Has a wheel kit with 8” all terrain tires and a flip up stow away handle for easy portability.
  6. Voltage meter that lets you know exactly how much power is being put out by the generator.

Care and Maintenance and Use

Taking care of your generator and doing periodic maintenance will not only help to prolong the life of your generator but it will also ensure that it gives you trouble free service.

You need to keep your generator clean and see that there is no dirt blocking the air cooling fins. Always use a damp cloth or soft brush to clean your generator. Use a vacuum or blow air to clean out hard to reach places.

Here are the guidelines as suggested by DuroMax for periodic maintenance.

Each use

  1. Check the engine oil.
  2. Check the air filter.
  3. Check the fuel level.

Every 20 hours

  1. Change the engine oil.
  2. Clean the gas tank.

Every 3 months or 50 hours of use

  1. Clean the air cleaner

Every 6 months or 100 hours of use

  1. Clean the fuel filter cup.
  2. Check and clean the spark plug if necessary.

Every year or 300 hours of use

  1. Clean the gas tank.

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Warranty and Repairs

These generators are covered by the Duromax limited warranty, where the parts and labor are covered for a period of 30 days and only parts are covered up to 1 year after purchase. The buyer is responsible for the shipping.

We’re not impressed with the limited warranty by this manufacture. It’s typically on the low end of customer service expectations. We believe that DuroMax needs to belly up and provide a better warranty and service. However, we know warranty has a price. You’ll pay much more for some brands, but they have built in warranty and service to cover it.

Thery are no service centers and warranty doesn’t require a 3rd party verification. with a parts warranty only DIY is probably the way to go if you can.

Consumer notes: MaxTools appears to be responding promptly albeit, the issues of parts and components not being up to par in some cases. Our quess is that someone at assembly is just trying to use up defective or old parts where they can.

AMAZON Purchases provide better purchase option.

Amazon, has been found to totally reimbursed purchases based on certain circumstances. This proves where you buy can make an big difference to customer service. DuroMax could learn a lesson here.

Consumer Comments

The Duromax XP4400 gets 3.9 stars out of 5 on Amazon while the XP 4400E gets 4.1 stars out of 5.

Most of the customers who bought and used these generators were happy with their performance. They found the generators to be giving out the power that they are rated for and found them to be very economical to use while being very quiet for their size.

Another fact that they liked about these generators was that their price was very reasonable as compared to other comparable generators, but one should note warranty coverage as one reason why. However, one customer had used his for 4 years and his maintenance costs were only the oil and 2 tires. That’s not bad for a generator in this price range.

Others indicated that considering the lower price, it is a good deal for the money and well as highly recommend this generator for anyone with basic power needs when you lose power.

On the negative side many there are issues with warranty and customer service. They range from not being able to return defective delivered units, bad gas tanks, bad parts like fuel gauge, switches, poor quality control. With this representing some 15 to 20% of the review comments, this has to be a concern. Amazon has been backing returns due to damage, but the manufacture seems to be poorly supporting their product.

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Pros & Cons


  1. It is very quiet for its size.
  2. Gives out 3,500 watts of power continuously and can surge up to 4,400 watts when needed.
  3. Reasonable economical to run, 8 hours on 4 gallons at 50% load capacity.
  4. The wheels and handles make it very easy to move.
  5. Has a volt meter that tells you the output at all times.
  6. Has a voltage selector switch that lets you run maximum power out of the 120 V receptacles or even run both 240 V and 120 V at the same time.
  7. It is very easy to use.
  8. Low oil shut off shuts the engine down in case of low oil in the engine.
  9. It has a spark arrestor for safety of operation.


  1. Warranty covers labor for only 30 days from purchase.
  2. The customers service is not up to par.


The list price for the XP 4400 is $570.00 and for the XP4400E it is $600.00 the street price of these generators is very favorable around the price of $400.00 and $550.00 respectively. You also find CARB compliant adding $75 or so to the costs. See similar units below.

For a generator with electric start and which can deliver 3,500 watts of continuous power this is a very good price.

Check here for best pricing: DuroMax XP4400 3,500 Watt Portable Generator and DuroMax XP4400E 3,500 Watt Electric Start Portable Generator


Accessories available for these generators include a dust cover that protects the generator from dust and other elements when not in use.

You can also get a Y adapter 30 amps 120/240 Volt 30 amp 4 prong male plug to 15/20 amp connector.

You can also get a generator transfer switch it to safely connect your home to the generator, which comes with a transfer switch, a 10 foot power cord and a power inlet box.

DuroMax XPSGC Generator Cover For Models XP4400 and XP4400E

Conntek YL1430520S Generator Y Adapter 30 Amp 125/250 Volt 4 Prong Male Plug To 15/20 Amp Connector

Reliance Controls 31410CRK Pro/Tran 10-Circuit 30 Amp Generator Transfer Switch Kit With Transfer Switch, 10-Foot Power Cord, And Power Inlet Box For Up To 7,500-Watt Generators

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If you are looking for a generator to power the essentials in your home during power outages or if you are looking for one that you can take camping or in your RV to power electrical appliances, the Duromax XP4400 and XP4400E definitely fit the job.

With 3,500 watts of continuous output and a running time of 8 hours at 50% load capacity, these generators are more than capable of doing the job. They are also powerful enough for you to run power tools at a job site where there is no electricity available.

The Duromax generators are at a very reasonable price that for this wattage range and they are readily available it hard to go wrong with them.

Noted above was the negative side of warranty and customer service. Poor quality control wiht more than 15% of reviewer issues has to be a buyers concern. Amazon has backed returns due to damage, but the manufacture is anything but supporting the QC issue. Oil and Gas leakage seems to be a big concern as well.

Shipping/packaging also appears to be an issue with parts getting damaged or things missing. Besure to take a good accounting at delivery.

If price is a restriction this can still be a good option, but be prepared to do your own maintenance and repairs.


Similar Generation Units:

The following Generators are similar to the above but at different wattage sizes

CARB Compliant models

DuroMax XP4400E-CA 3,500 Watt Gas Powered Portable Generator With Electric Start (CARB Compliant)


DuroMax XP4400-CA 3,500 Watt Gas Powered Portable Generator With Wheel Kit (CARB Compliant)

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