DuroMax XP10000E Portable Generator Review

DuroMax XP10000E Portable Generator

DuroMax XP10000E Portable Generator

The DuroMax XP 10000e is a 8000 watt continuous with a surge capacity to 10000 watts (10kW) portable generator. It is a workhorse generator for heavy power requirements such has whole house usage or construction applications. This model is not a CARB compliant model for California guidelines. See it here: DuroMax XP10000E-CA CARB Compliant

With the included wheel kit and electronic start this a popular seller and rated above 4 start and above by many users and owners as a top generator at the 10kW range on Amazon.

It is classified as a work related generator and for backup home use in emergencies. It has plenty of power for saws, drills, and other electric powered construction equipment and can easily handle significant household appliance loads.

With four AC output options (see below) and a 12V DC output it can handle nearly all of your requirements.

Power Output and Generation

The XP 10000E generates power with a 419cc ,4-storke, OHV, 16.0-horsepower, air-cooled engine which runs at 3600 rpm.

The engine does have a auto shutoff for low oil indication.

Electrical Output:

The rated output is 8000 watts AC, with a maximum of 10000 surge watts providing 20 amps at 120V as well as 32.5 amps (max circuit output) at 240V. It also has a 10 amp 12V DC utility plug.

It comes with the standard recoil rope and a key operated electrical start.

Wattage usability:

DuroMax power generator rear view

DuroMax power generator rear view

The generator has 2 separate circuits for producing power. These are the 120V only system and the 120/240V system. You can use the 120 and 240V output at the same time. The power is supplied equally to each receptacle.

Warning: I’m not sure why they haven’t built in some safeguards on this machine, but buried in the manual is that the AC circuit breaker needs to be off before changing the voltage selector. I would seem that there would be a better setup rather than to expect users to know this or even remember this. Especially if others than the owner may be operating it.

If you need more 120V place the selector in the 120V only position. But it will disable the twist lock plug.

Note that total rated amperage in the 120V configuration is 65 amps, two 32.5 amp circuit breakers. When you are using the combination of configurations you will need to split the plug amperage between receptacles. This is outlined in the owners manual as to how to split amperage use.

Remembering that Watts output is amp times voltage here are the configurations of use and output. See control panel below for layout.

(2) 120V, 20-amp, 3-prong;NEMA 5-20R; 2400W each.
(1) 120V, 30-amp twist-lock; NEMA 5-30R; 3600W
(1) 120/240V, 30-amp twist-lock;NEMA L14-30R; 3600/7200W
(1) 120/240V, 50-amp heavy duty;NEMA 14-50R; 6000/8000W (max continuous at 32.5 amps)
(1) 12V, 10-amp utility; single plug terminal; 120W

Note that although it has a 50 amp receptacle, max is 32.5 amps per the distribution of power to the circuits noted above.

Remember the combination of load needs to be spread if using more than one receptacle for power load.

Understanding receptacle types (see more information at power plug and receptacle types).

Fuel Type and Noise Levels:

The DuroMax XP 10000E uses standard (engine type) Unleaded Gas and has a capacity of 8.3 gallons of regular gas. Pictures show the tank has a fuel gauge but customers are indicating that they have removed it in the current model. At least the literature is up to date, because they don’t mention it.

Running time on one tank at half load is about 10 hours. This is a reasonable duration for the horsepower and load output. If you’re demand is high you’ll appreciate the extra tank volume and run time.

Customer comments were on both sides of this some saying that they were getting 12 hours on only 2/3rds of a tank and others saying they were unhappy with consumption. It is a big hp motor so load will make a difference on the performance of fuel use.


It also uses standard 1.1 quarts of 10W-30 oil, API service classification SJ, for the majority of operation temperatures with a 5W-30 for temperatures below zero F. The oil filler cap also has a dipstick to check oil level (used without screwing it in)


The Specifications indicate that the noise level is less than 72 dBA. And the literature indicates a super quiet muffler. However, the levels above 70 dBA tend to be more like highway noise when you are several hundred feet away. It’s considered reasonably quiet, but up close you will be hard pressed to carry on a conversation.

Customers generally commented that it was quieter than some of the other construction grade generators that were used around the neighborhood during their power outages.

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Dimensions and Weight

Duromax xp 10000e side

Duromax XP10000e side

This 10000 watt generator has overall dimensions (L x D x H): 34″ x 27″ x 32″. This is 17 cu. ft. which approaches a 2 1/2 foot cube. It does take up space and won’t necessarily be easy to store in the corner. So make sure you know where and how your will use and store this machine..

The generator weights 240 lbs. and with gas (6 lbs per gal) about 290 lbs. Lifting and moving it will take a some thought and effort. With the larger diameter wheel kit it will be relatively easy to move about, but if your headed up an incline make sure you have enough human power to get it around.

Typical Uses and Needs

This DuroMax XP 10000E Portable Generator is a good fit for construction trades across the board. With a little thought of tool requirements and the dual circuit functionality you can keep several workers going at the same time.

For emergency house use. It would make it easy for powering most of the major equipment for a half a day if you are only spiking load occasionally.

One user commented about how it ran a well pump, the fridge, hot water heater (electric?), the fan for the forced air heater, and a humidifier even at the same time, This sounds like a typical house load and the machine was up to the task.

Display & Control Panel, Start-up

duromax xp 10000e control panelAcross the top of the control panel you have the main protection and breaker and information centers nicely lined up for starting, manually breaking the AC circuits, allowing the auto throttle, circuit breakers (with on and off indication), and the volt meter

Just under the controls you have indicator lights for oil alert and recharge indicator for the battery.

On the bottom half you have the receptacles and volt selection with the DC output and protector as well as the ground in the bottom right.


The generator uses a electric start with a recoil rope (pull rope) alternate starting method.

Below are the steps to starting and starting the this DuroMax generator.

Start Up:

  1. Check that AC circuit breaker is in the OFF position, generator can be started if load is attached but may be difficult, it is best to start without load.
  2. Pre-checks – Oil/fuel levels and air filter. – Battery cables are connected
  3. Turn on fuel valve located between tank and carburetor.
  4. Pull choke rod out manually to close.
  5. Insert Key and turn to start for 5 seconds or until engine starts which every comes first. (the manufacture indicates damage to the starter motor is possible if held more than 5 seconds. Also allow 10 seconds between attempts)
  6. Release to key to on position upon start.
  7. Push in choke rod as engine warms to adjust for smooth running.

Alternately if the battery is dead you can use the rope recoil cord to turn the engine to get it started where if you’re cables are connected the battery should start recharging.

Shut Down:

the key can be turned to off in an emergency situation, however the following is recommend for normal use.

  1. Turn AC breakers OFF and disconnect DC charging cables.
  2. Turn engine switch to off.
  3. Turn fuel valve to off

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Additional Features

DuroMax XP10000e front perspective

DuroMax XP10000e Front

Here’s a list of additional features .

  1. The wheel kit is a necessity with the weight of this portable generator with 10.5 inch dia. tire which look like air inflated tires. They are a solid rubber wheel so worry of flats are not a concern. The large size is a plus in rolling the heavy machine around.
  2. The use of two handles for moving is a plus and on mostly unencumbered ground will work well. One may need a little extra help on some construction sites where larger obstacles may reside or if needing to get it up a grade.
  3. Low Oil shutoff provides protection to the engine if the oil level should get to low.
  4. The engine is mounted with four isolating motor mounts which helps in providing a quieter operation and limits any vibration from the frame.

Care and Maintenance and Use

The owners manual is basic and provides just basic setup, operating, and maintenance guidelines, here are a few high points.

Break in:

The manufacture doesn’t provide break in information in the manual. A customer was kind enough to post about his conversation with them on this. Of course they would say they wanted break-in period. Essentially its 4 hours at full speed and no electrical load, then 4 hours with a minimal electric load. That would be the time to drain the oil and replace.

Break in is subjective and making sure you don’t immediately overtax the engine in the first 8 to 10 hours of use should set it acceptably.


Service is a must for any generator for both the engine and the overall longevity of the unit. Below are given some typical time frames and are fairly standard for this size generator which is built for construction craft.

Of course when usage for high load demand high temperature operation, unusually wet or dusty environments exist, then service should be accomplished with less hours than recommended for what might be considered intended typical use.

High altitude use is considered 5000 foot elevation and above which the engine has not been certified for increased emissions. Modifications to the carburetor can be made to meet the emissions standards and perform better. Regardless horsepower will decrease at about 3 1/2% for each 1,000-foot increase in elevation. If you are in using your generator in high elevation areas extensively the manufacture can provide the necessary jetting mods necessary. Contact Maxtools.com

Care and Maintenance

Periodic maintenance is a must with any generator that gets use. Here are the guidelines promoted by DuroMax.

  1. Each use: check engine oil and air cleaner.
  2. Change oil in first 20 hours operation or the first month.
  3. Clean air filter every 50 hours of operation (3 months)
  4. At every 100 hours of operation (6 months)
    1. change engine oil,
    2. clean sediment cup, spark plug and spark arrester
    3. Fuel tank and filter cleaning
  5. every year or 300 hours replace the spark plug and check adjust idle speed and valve clearance.
  6. at 500 to 600 hrs (every 2 yrs) maintenance on combustion chamber should be performed with a cleaning. and fuel tube should be checked for possible replacement.

Generally storage takes on a personal bias. If stored less than a month not much is required. However, for greater periods say 2 months or more you should either drain the fuel tank or fill and add a stabilizer. The later would be appropriate for using the XP 10000WE for emergency backup considerations. Other recommendations are provided in the manual for long term storage.

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Warranty Repairs and Customer Service

The DuroMax XP 10000E has a a 30 day replacement warranty and one year warranty, on parts. It’s not great, but if you’ve got a bad one you’ll be able to get parts for the repair.

However, be warned that freight charges are on the customer as would be return shipping.

We’re not impressed with the limited warranty by this manufacture. It’s typically on the low end of customer service expectations. Hey if you’re going to make a good product stand behind it with a good warranty and service. DuroMax needs to step up it’s game.

We will acknowledge that they don’t have service centers and don’t require a third party verification. Since it’s only a parts warranty you’re better off doing it yourself if you have the capability.

AMAZON Purchase is the way to go.

One customer found out he had a broken receptacle and was going to have to wait to get the part when his power was out in terrible winter weather. He had an electrician do the fix and then complained to Amazon, who totally reimbursed him based on his circumstance. This can prove which store you buy from can make an incredible difference to customer service. Take note DuroMax.

When customers complain about customer service they do it with a vengeance. From not standing behind the product to not being able to get to a technician to customer service passing the buck. This makes one want to step back and take notice. With clout behind Amazon you should be able to get issues resolve with a new machine or something, but it won’t compensate you fro the grief you may go through.

Consumer Comments

As of this writing it was getting a 4.2 out of 5 starts. 80% of the reviewers were giving it a 4 star or better rating on amazon.

Generally the reviews are very positive about the ability to get it install the wheel kit and get it up and running. Operation is smooth and they are happy with performance.

In more than one case customers complained of broken components such as the 50 amp receptacle. This doesn’t bode well for quality control at assembly. Fortunately, these are inexpensive parts to replace if you’re mechanically and electrically inclined.

Generally the biggest complaints are upon arrive with poor shipping and handling and then not being able to get resolution with problems. This is a big deal and inspection of the unit at delivery is a must and refuse to accept it if damaged.

Another noted concern was the ability to get parts for older models. This is often a problem with manufactures that buy and assembly based on best pricing strategies for components and there is no accounting for inventory. The statements about service and parts makes this a suspect company on long term durability of product. It’s a punch and go mentality and doesn’t bode well for hoping for a long term reliable product.

Another claim is the poor quality of products made/assembled in China. This is typically directly related to oversight and it may be that PowerMax is not managing this effort effectively.

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Pros & Cons


  • Generator gets good points for starting right up with the electric start.
  • Does come with a wheel kit and low end set of tools for assembly.
  • Big enough to power the majority of your household needs and with energy management some of the larger washer or dry needs.
  • In general the high rating indicate that they do have a good product for the price in spite of some of the customer service and delivery problems


On the negative side here are a few issues to know about.

  • Oil fill is awkward and you’ll have to provide your own funnel with a long spout.
  • The manual does not indicate how much oil you need, but generally it’s 1.1 quarts.
  • Some of the bolts are located in hard to reach locations.
  • Based on poor quality management broken parts and damage has been noted in several cases at delivery. One noted wrenches included were not the correct size.
  • The negative battery terminal is difficult to get to requiring the battery be unclamped removal of a side panel, and to slide out the battery to get adequate access.
  • There is no plug on the unit to trickle charge the battery as can be found in other units of this size although included is a setup with battery terminals on one end and alligator clips on the other.
  • Seems that quality control could be better if parts are arriving broken at delivery.


Street price for DuroMax XP10000E 10,000 Watt Portable Generator With Wheel Kit And Electric Start is below $1000.

This unit gets good marks for the power verses price comparison.


Accessories for this unit:

DuroMax XPLGC Generator Cover For Models XP6500E, XP8500E, XP10000E, and XP4000WGE

30 amp Power Cord and Inlet Box:
Reliance Controls PC3010 10-Feet 30-Amp L14-30 Generator Power Cord for up to 7500-Watt Generators
Inlet Box – Reliance Controls PB30 L14-30, 30 Amp For Up To 7,500 Watt Generators


DuroMax XP10000e side panel

DuroMax XP10000e side panel

The model is a top seller and although highly rated by 80% of the users there is questions as to quality long term or the ability to get quick resolution if you do have an issue.

It provides 8000 watts of rated power and will to be a good workhorse for the size range. Most home users were satisfied with the output and performance, but had to be cautioned as the max out put to a transfer switch is only 32.5 amps although the receptacle is rated for 50.

You can run a lot on 32 amps (nearly 8000 watts), but this does have a limitation on trying to run a number of larger power hungry appliances at the same time and pulling more than the circuit breaker will allow.

The risk of a poor customer service and quality of initial parts and shipping is a concern with this manufacture, so If your handy and understand this equipment and can do repair or be patient for replacement parts it will be an acceptable solution. If however, you are all thumbs and just want to not worry about the hassles you may need to consider a manufacture with better customer service.

This unit is recommended for those that need extra power and can split loads amount to the dual circuits. It will work for one connection to the house and likely run a majority of your creature comforts. But be sure to understand your wattage and amp requirements if you’re going to rely on it for whole house usage.

Similar Generation Units:

The following Generators are similar to the above but at different wattage sizes

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DuroMax XP10000E-CA 10,000 Watt 16 HP OHV 4-Cycle Gas Powered Portable Generator With Wheel Kit And Electric Start (CARB Compliant)

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