Duromax Elite MX4500 and MX4500E-4500 Watt Portable Generator Review

Duromax MX4500 Portable Generator

Duromax MX4500 Portable Generator

The Duromax Elite MX4500 and The Duromax 4500E are just two of the portable gas powered generators that can supply you with uninterrupted power for long hours. Neither unit is CARB compliant, but the 4500E is an electric start unit.

Duromax is a company that has come to be known for the producing many options in the portable generator markets. They have been in the market manufacturing portable generators that are durable, economical as well as affordable. Their generators have one a standard one year warranty although quality and customer support have been questionable in the past based on feedback.

Duromax generators are designed to give you the one of the best values for your money when it comes to portable power generation.

MX4500 Manual Start:

and MX4500E Electric Start:

Power Output and Generation

The Duromax Elite MX4500 and MX4500E gas powered portable generators are equipped with a 7 HP Duromax air cooled 4 stroke OHV engine which let them produce 3500 watts of continuous power while being able to surge up to 4500 watts.

Additionally you have a 12V terminal at 8.3A (~100 watts)

With 3500 Watts of continuous power available the outlets of L14-30R and 5-20R make it easy to use a majority of that power in combination for relatively short durations.

Utilizing just the 20 amp outlet allows you to use up to 2400W both outlets are powered by the same circuit. The manual nor wiring diagram gave the circuit breaker rating, but could be assumed to be 20 amps.

When using the L14 receptacle you can get two 120V lines (Switched for RV use) at a max of 14.5 amps each (2 x 14.5A = 29A) or in 240V mode at 29 amps.

Fuel Type and Noise Levels:

The Duromax MX4500 and MX4500E portable generators use gasoline as their fuel. They have a fuel tank capacity of 4 gallons and is advertised to run for 8 hours at 50% load capacity. However, the owner’s manual we reviewed indicated a 12 and 14 hour run time at this same load. To be safe the 8 hour looks more typical of this size of generator.


Both these generators are normal noise makers while running, advertised as producing 69 Db of sound when operating. This is presumed at the typical 23 foot range. This is a typical noise level of larger generators. I can believe a few sellers are passing this off as quiet!

Dimensions and Weight

The DuroMax Elite MX4500 and MX4500E gas powered portable gas powered generators have overall shipping dimensions of 28 x 29 x 36 inches ( H x W x L ) and shipping weigh at 140 lbs.

The stripped down version of the frame has it at 17 x 17 x 23.2 which seems to more actually fit the space requirements, but one does have to consider the wheels and handles to a lot for enough space.

Full of gas these machine are going to be close to 160 lbs, but should be easy to move around with the wheel kits. There are owners that believe that the weight is not well balanced and forward of the wheels. This appears to be debatable based on your point of view.

Typical Uses and Needs

The Duromax MX4500 and MX 4500E gas powered generators are capable of producing 3500 watts of continuous output while being able to surge up to 4500 watts. These are portable generators which use gasoline as fuel and have a gas tank with a capacity of 4 gallons which lets them run for 8 hours at 50% load capacity.

These generators can be used to provide you with electrical power wherever you may need it. They can be used as a backup power source for essential items in your home in times of power outages. They can also be used to power the electrical system in your RV or appliances while camping. They can also be used at a job site to provide you with electrical power to run your lighter duty power tools and lights.

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Display & Control Panel, Start-up

The control panel of the Duromax Elite MX4500 and MX4500E is located on the side of the generator. When you face the control panel you will find to the extreme left it has the Engine switch that is used to run and stop the generator.

To the right of this switch you have the Voltmeter and below it you have the 12 Volt DC outlets. To the right of the Voltmeter you have 3 circuit breakers that control the outlets. To the right of these circuit breakers you have 2 120 Volt 20 amp AC outlets and next to them you have the main circuit breaker at the top and the 120Volt 240Volt switch below it.

To the right of the switch you have the 120V/240V 30 amp twist lock outlet and below it you have the Ground terminal.


The Duromax Elite MX4500 has a recoil start system while the MX4500E has an electric start system as well as a recoil start system. Here are the steps to be taken to start these generators.

  1. Check and see that the generator is placed on a flat level surface.
  2. Check and see that there are no loads attached to the generator.
  3. Check and see that the generator is properly grounded.
  4. Turn the Fuel valve to the On position.
  5. Turn the Choke lever to the Closed position.
  6. To start the MX4500, turn the Engine switch to the RUN position and then slowly pull the recoil starter till you feel a resistance then pull sharply.
  7. To start the MX4500E turn the Engine switch to the start position and hold till the engine runs.
  8. Once the engine starts let it run for a minute then move the Choke lever half way to the Open position then wait for 30 seconds before moving it to the Open position.
  9. Let the engine warm up before attaching any loads to the generator.

Shut down

  1. Turn Off and disconnect all loads from the generator.
  2. Turn the Main circuit breaker to the Off position.
  3. Let the generator run for a few minutes without any load to stabilize the temperature.
  4. Turn the engine switch to the Off position.
  5. Turn the Fuel valve to the Off position.

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Here’s the basic run down on features

  1. It has a powerful 7 hp air cooled 4 stroke engine with Low oil Shut Off.
  2. It has a 4 gallon steel fuel tank with a fuel gauge.
  3. It can run for 8 hours or more on 4 gallons of fuel at 50% load capacity.
  4. It can produce up to 3500 watts of continuous power while being able to surge up to 4500 watts.
  5. It has a heavy duty steel frame with fully isolated engine mounts for a smooth and quieter operation.
  6. It has an Idle control which holds the RPM steady saving fuel and reducing noise.
  7. It has an RV switch which can supply 30 amp, 120 Volt power to an RV to run its electrical appliances.
  8. It has a 12 Volt DC outlet to charge car batteries.
  9. It has never go flat all terrain tiers and folding handles for easy portability.
  10. It comes with a 1 year limited warranty.

Care and Maintenance and Use

To get the most out of generator it is advised that you do regular maintenance on your generator. This not only helps to prolong the life of your generator but also helps it to run efficiently saving on fuel and lowering pollution.

Here is the maintenance schedule recommended for your generator.

Each Use

  1. Check engine oil level.
  2. Check the air cleaner.
  3. Check the gas level.

Every month or 20 Hours

  1. Change the engine oil.
  2. Clean the gas tank.

Every 3 months or 50 Hours

  1. Clean the air cleaner.

Every 6 months or 100 Hours

  1. Clean the fuel filter cup.
  2. Check and clean the spark plug.

Every year or 300 Hours

  1. Clean the gas tank.

Warranty and Repairs

1 Year Limited

1 Year Limited

The Duromax Elite MX4500 and MX4500E generators are covered by a 30 day full replacement warranty. They also carry a 1 year limited warranty where all parts and defective workmanship is covered. Customers would have the parts replaced under this warranty. All transportation costs are to be borne by the customer.

Consumer Comments

The Duromax Elite MX4500 and MX4500E get over 4 stars on Amazon rating. Most of the customers who bought these products were very happy with them.

Some owners commented on how rugged and durable they were. Other customers commented on their affordable price and also commented that they were very fuel efficient.

Some of the customers who ran them for many days during power outages were very pleased that these generators performed very well and delivered the needed power without any problems. Some customers who used these generators to power their RVs were very pleased with their performance and also commented on how easy it was to hook up their Rvs to the generators.

Some of the customers who have had these generators for a number of years commented on how trouble free they were and that they still gave them good service.

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Pros & Cons

Many of the Pros are covered under the features list above, additionally

  • It comes with all terrain never go flat tires and folding handles for easy portability.
  • It is very affordable for the fuel efficient usage.


  • It is not CARB compliant and not for sale in California.
  • Voltage regulation is par and would not be recommended to run your sensitive electronic equipment without a line conditioner.


The Duromax Elite MX4500 gas powered portable generator is available online. You can get it at Amazon for under $450.00 with free shipping.

The Duromax Elite MX4500E generator with the electric start is available at for a little over $509.00 with free shipping.

Check latest pricing here:

DuroMax Elite MX4500 4,500 Watt Portable Generator With Wheel Kit DuroMax Elite MX4500E 4,500 Watt Portable Generator With Wheel Kit & Electric Start


When you get a Duromax Elite MX4500 or MX4500E gas powered portable generator, you might want to get a few accessories for it.

You can get a generator cover for it which help you protect it from dust and moisture when not in use. DuroMax XPSGC Generator Cover For Models XP4400 and XP4400E

You can also get a Gen Tent which lets you run the generator even in snow and rain by protecting it from the elements. GenTent wet weather safety canopy for portable generators or GenTent┢ 10K Rain/Wet Weather Safety Canopy For Portable Generators

Also available for the generator are power cords in different lengths which help you connect your appliances to the generator. Try the Conntek 14363 RV 30-Amp STW 10/3 Durable Extension Cord with Straight Blade, 25-Feet

For Home backup use you can get a transfer switch which helps to safely connect your generator to your home, however at this size it would not necessarily be the best generator for that application. Like this one: Reliance Controls 20216A Pro/Tran 6-Circuit 20-Amp Generator Transfer Switch for up to 5000-Watt Generators

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The Duromax Elite MX4500 and MX4500E gas powered portable generators can produce 3500 watts of running power and surge capable up to 4500 watts.

It has a good day run time of 8 plus hours at half load capacity using one tank of 4 gallons of gasoline.

It also comes with a 30 amp 120Volt RV switch that makes it easy to connect it to a RV. As well as switching to 240 volt application for heavy appliance or potential transfer switch usage where lower overall wattage use is desirable.

 These generators are ruggedly built and also fuel efficient for day use on one tank. They can be used to power your home during power outages and cabin use. As they are portable, this means that you can use them for camping or for a sporting event. Realize that they are on the loud side of normal operation and may need sound shielding in these applications.

They can also be used at a job site to power tools and lights. These generators are good to  use anywhere you may need electric power.

Similar Generation Units:

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