Compare Four Types of Generac Portable Generators

Generac Series RS vs GP vs XG vs XP

Generac is a company that since its formation in 1959 has been devoted to producing affordable generators for home use as well as small and large commercial applications. They design their engines specifically for generators so that they can withstand the demands required by generators. Today, Generac is the leading manufacturer of portable as well as standby generators for home, commercial and industrial usage.

Generac Home Market Portable Generator Sizes

Each series of generators has a range in which Generac builds the specific size.

  • The RS Series portable generators currently has two sizes 5500 watts and 7000 watts
  • The GP Series is one of the most popular series and output ranges from 1800 watts to 17,500 watts
  • The XG Series is the step up in more demanding and durability use. The output ranges from 5600 watts to 10,000 watts.
  • The XP Series is targeted to the working class and job site use. The output ranges from 3600 watts to 10,000 watts.

The following information will give brief comparisons of the Generac series of generators for the various aspects and features of the different models. Hopefully this will help you decide on which series will best fit your needs.

Generac Engines

Depending on the series the generators have different level of engines. They all claim to have Generac engines, but most notably there is a difference in quality which is easily seen from the lubrication system. 

They have either a standard splash system or have more heavy duty pressure system. Generac doesn’t specifically say the manufacture the splash system engines, but do indicate so for the pressurized systems.

Generac OHVi Engine with Pressurized Lubrication

The pressure system allows engines to have a 30-50 degrees cooler running temperature, are at least 5% more fuel-efficient and with the close loop system oil consumption is 25% less than a splash system.

Splash systems will not have the durability of a pressure system. Easy to think of this as a lawn mower verses a small car engine. Here’s the run down.

  • The RS Series generators have Generac OHV engines with splash lubrication which ensures a long life and reliable service. They encompass engines from 389 cc to 420 cc.
  • The GP Series generators also have Generac engines from 163 cc to 389 cc . These engines are also designed with splash lubrication.
  • The XG Series have Generac engines with displacement from 407 cc to 530 cc. These are OHVI engines with full pressure lubrication which lets them perform effortlessly for long hours.
  • The XP Series incorporate Generac OHVI engines with full pressure lubrication and range from 216 cc to 530 cc.

So the essence of this is the RS and GP series are going to be comparable to the vast majority of generators on the market which typically use the splash lubrication method. The XG and XP are a step above with the more durable pressure lubrication.

Control Panels

The control panels of all Generac portable generators are easy to follow and use. The distinguishing features of the control panels are:

RS Series:

  • The RS Series features a Power Dial switch which lets you control all the Start up and Shut down functions on an easy to use dial switch. Along with starting, running and shutting down the generator this switch also controls the choke and the fuel valve.
  • On the RS Series control panel you will find outlets that include 120Volt/ 240Volt twist lock as well as 2 duplex 120Volt outlets. All outlets are protected by covers and have circuit breakers for protection. This series also has an Hour meter on its control panel.

GP Series:

  • While the control panel of 1800 watt GP Series generator has an ON/OFF switch, 2 120 Volt outlets and a circuit breaker
  • The control panel of the 17,500 watt portable generator has a Hour meter, an Idle control switch, a 12 volt DC outlet, duplex GFCI 120Volt 20 amp outlets, 3 120V/240V 30 amp twist lock outlets and 1 120V/240V 50 amp twist lock outlet with their respective circuit breakers.
  • The models in between have corresponding outlets depending on their power output. The in between models all have 1 120V/240V 30 amp twist lock outlet, 2 duplex 120Volt 20 amp outlets as well as a Hour meter and a Start/Run/Stop switch.

XG Series:

  • The control panels of the XG Series are illuminated for easy operation, they also include a Power bar which shows you how much power is being used and a Hour meter to let you know how many hours the generator has run.
  • The control panel of the XG Series generators also has the fuel valve on it and most of the models have the Choke on the control panel as well.
  • The largest generator has 1 120V/240V 50 amp twist lock outlet and 2 120V/240V 30 amp twist lock outlets as well as 2 duplex 120Volt 20 amp GFCI outlets and the corresponding circuit breakers for these outlets.
  • The other models have 1 120V/240V 30 amp twist lock outlet and 2 duplex 120 Volt 20 amp outlets with their corresponding circuit breakers.

XP Series

  • The XP Series control panel has a full panel GFCI module to give you Outlet protection.
  • The XP series use Truepower™ Technology with conditions the power for electronics and appliances giving you that “clean power” for smooth operation.
  • All the models have the Fuel shut off valves on the control panel along with a Hour meter and an Idle control switch.
  • While the 10000 watt model does not have the Choke nor the Start switch on the control panel, it has 2 120V/240V 30 amp twist lock outlets, 1 120V/240V 50amp twist lock outlet as well as 2 duplex 120Volt 20 amp outlets with their corresponding circuit breakers.
  • All other models have a Start switch as well as the Choke on the control panel. They also have 2 120V/240V twist lock outlets and 2 duplex 120Volt 20 amp outlets with their corresponding circuit breakers.

Overall Features

RS Series

Some of the features of the RS

Series include a heavy duty hardened steel tube frame which has been designed to protect the generator under the roughest of conditions.

This series also has the Generac OHV engine with splash lubrication providing standard operating level performance. It does have a low oil shutdown feature to protect against lack of lubrication. The RS Series has covered outlets to protect them when not in use.

All RS Series generators have large capacity fuel tanks with a fuel gauge which extend the running time of the generators as well as making it easy to refuel them. These generators also come with fold down locking handles that make it easy to move them as well as store them.

All the models also come with never go flat tires which make it easy to move the generators over all types of terrain.

A unique feature of the RS is single dial for turning on fuel, starting, running, and stopping the unit.

These models have an hour meter to track maintenance times.

GP Series

The features of the GP Series include a hardened steel tube cradle which protects the generator from rough usage and conditions.

This Series also have Generac OHV engines with a splash lubrication also providing good standard performance. The GP series also features covered outlets that are protected from dust and moisture when not in use.

This series also features Low oil shut down which protects the engine from damage in case of having insufficient engine oil. They all have large steel fuel tanks for extended running times, a hour meter to be able to keep track of maintenance as well as heavy duty never go flat wheels to make it easy to move the generator around.

XG Series

The models in the XG Series feature a heavy duty cradle frame to protect your generator from even the roughest conditions. They also feature a Generac OHVI engines built specifically for generators which incorporate a full pressure lubrication system with a spin on oil filter for long engine life. They all have an illuminated control panel to monitor the control panel. They are also equipped with large steel fuel tanks for extended run times. This series also features covered outlets which protect them when not in use as well as a Power bar to let you know how much power you are using. They all have an hour meter which lets you know when to service the generator. The engines of these generators are equipped with low oil pressure shut down feature which protects the engine in case the oil pressure runs low. Wheel kits are also provided for mobility.

XP Series

The XP Series are the top of line home and job site generators with heavy duty construction and features as well as extended control panel options. These units feature a Generac OHVI engine with full pressure lubrication and a spin on oil filter which ensures a long life. This series also features an Idle control which saves you fuel as well as lowers the sound level.

They also Large steel fuel tanks with a fuel gauge for extended run times. This series also incorporates True Power technology to deliver clean electricity which is safe for sensitive equipment. All the generators come with covered outlets which protect them when not in use. The XP Series has full panel GFCI protection. All generators also feature a hour meter and Low oil pressure shut down.


The RS Series generators are versatile generators that can deliver electric power wherever you may need it. They can be used for camping or tailgating or even as a backup power source for your home to run the essentials in times of power outages. This series is deigned to compete against the run of mill standard generators on the market in the 5000 to 7000 Watt range Construction is much like any of the other brands providing basic generation needs on an occasional basis or short to moderate power outage. They have limited control panel options with one L14-30R twist lock outlet and two sets of duplex outlets to power your needs. (Retails at $749 and $999)

Check the latest pricing on the Generac RS Series Generators here:

GENERAC RS7000E Rapid Start |

GENERAC RS5500 Rapid Start P

The GP Series has the largest wattage selection and has been the main stay in the standard generator market where slash lubrication is the norm. Because of the differences in sizes (1800W to 17500W) you’ll also get a diversity in outlets available based on the wattage output. Many of the units are CARB compliant for use in California.

The GP Series portable generators are affordable generators in their class range. They are designed to supply you power at home during power outages to run your essentials. They can be used while camping or at a job site to supply you with electric power but are not meant for the heavy duty use at large construction sites, although we’ve seen them used that way.

Here are some of the best sellers in the GP model with List price, click on through to find current street price:

Product List Price
Generac 5943 GP7500E 7,500 Watt 420cc OHV Portable Gas Powered Generator with Electric Start $999.00
Generac 5734 GP15000E 15,000 Watt 992cc OHVI Gas Powered Portable Generator with Electric Start $2,966.00

The XG Series generators are a cut above the stand level home generator; they are built with durability in mind and utilize the pressurized oil system for the engine. This makes them more like a car engine and suited to use for longer duration at the high end of their output range.

Starting at 6500W up to 10000 watts makes them ideal for hard use situations such as backup power for larger homes and for demanding construction sites electrical power needs. This series is designed to give you reliable service for a long time.

Here’s some XG series, click through to see current discounts:

Product List Price
Generac 5747 XG8000E 8,000 Watt 410cc OHVI Gas Powered Portable Generator with Wheel Kit And Electric Start $1,369.00

The XP Series of generators deliver clean electricity (conditioned line) and are very rugged. They are very durable generators and are preferred for use by contractors and construction workers. With the wattage range between 4000 and 10000 watts, these generators can be used as a backup power source for your home as well as being used for outdoor events or to power the cabin in the woods.

In general these units are made for the meeting the higher output toward capacity for longer periods of time. The control panels provide extra outlets such as both L5 and L14 twist locks. You’ll also get DC output and GFCI module for control. Definitely feature based with extras like idle control and an integrated lifting eye for the extreme user.

 Here’s some available XP series on Amazon, check them out:


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