Champion Power Equipment 73536i 1700-2000W Inverter Generator Review

CPE 1700-2000W Portable Generator

CPE 1700/2000W Portable Generator

The Champion Power Equipment 73536i portable inverter generator is made by Champion Power Equipment, an American company which has its manufacturing facilities in China.

This company specializes in the design and manufacture of quality equipment. Their products are dependable, durable as well as affordable. Along with portable generators and inverters they manufacture log splitters, pressure washers, transfer pumps and winches. This company is committed to quality through out the manufacturing process and stand by their dedication to customer service.

The CPE 73536i is a quality inverter generator with 1700W of continuous power and a great value for this type of power. This is a CARB Compliant Model.

Power Output and Generation

The Champion Power Equipment 73536i inverter generator is equipped with a 80cc Champion single cylinder 4 stroke OHV engine that lets this generator put out a maximum of 2,000 watts and it is rated at 1,700 watts of continuous power. The engine does come with a low oil sensor which will shut it down. As well it is equipped with a economy mode to idle the engine when load is reduced.

This unit also uses true sine wave inverter technology with low distortion to give you clean electric power to run all your sensitive electronic equipment.

Electrical Output

This unit has one 120V outlet for a standard 3 prong plugs (NEMA 5 -20R) with a usable 14 amp at rated output. (Note an older similar model indicates 13.3 amps which is for the 1600/2000W model, this picture is being used for marketing this model.)

It also has a 12V DC 8A outlet for the ability to charge automobile batteries.

Additional capacity is available using the a cable kit for parallel operation for utilizing power up to 3000W or 25 amps. Refer to accessories for link to more information on this kit.

Fuel Type and Noise Levels:

The Champion Power Equipment 73536i portable inverter generator runs on gasoline and its 1 gallon fuel tank lets it run for 9.5 hours at 25% load capacity per the manufactures literature.

I find this funny that they publish this for utilizing only 425 watts. In circumstances were you might power a couple of slow cookers or a hot plate you’re going to probably use 50% or more with this size generator. Maybe they are considering you’re only using a small tool at this level. Customer reports are indicating 5 plus hours with this higher usage which is still reasonable.

Oil for the engine is the typical 10W-30 and uses less than a half quart at 0.42 qts. or 4/10L. For the more extreme temps a slight modification of 5W-30 or 10W 40 are recommended in cold and hot climate conditions respectively.

Noise: This little generator is very quite producing only 53 db of sound at 23 feet.That’s a very quiet level at a low background noise so that you will be able to talk with other folks easily around this machine. Up close it will increase in level and be harder to communicate.

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Dimensions and Weight

The dimensions of the Champion Power Equipment 73536i inverter generator are 19.3 x 13.2 x 16.3 ( L x W x H ) and this generator weighs in at 49lbs making it a very light and compact unit. Fill it with gas and you’ll be at 55lbs and still reasonably light to move.

It comes with a great handle setup for easier lifting and the ability to stack multiple units for convenience. Which isn’t a bad idea whether you are using two units to supply several needs or connecting in parallel. 

Typical Uses and Needs

The Champion Power Equipment 73536i inverter generator with its true sine wave technology provides clean electrical power allowing you to run your sensitive electronic equipment safely.

This small generator with its light weight and low noise makes it ideal to take along while camping to run small electrical appliances as well as a few lights. With its long run time of of 5 to 9 hours on 1 tank of a gallon of gasoline makes it ideal for use in your RV or for that cabin in the woods.

It is also useful for tailgating parties as well as backup at home to power a few appliances during power outages. It can also be used to power power tools at a job site where there is no electricity available.

Display & Control Panel, Start-up

champion-1700w-control-panelWhen you look at the Champion Power Equipment 73536i inverter generator, you will see that the control panel is in two sections.

The upper section houses 3 lights starting from the left, the first one is the Oil warning light which lights up when your generator is low on oil. The one next to it is the Overload indicator light which lights up when the generator is overloaded. The one next to it is the Output light which remains On during normal operating conditions and shuts Off when the generator is overloaded.

Below the 3 lights you will find the Choke knob. Next to the Choke knob you have the Fuel valve knob. Above the fuel valve you have the Economy control switch and the Engine switch.

The lower section of the control panel houses the outlets and the circuit breaker. When you look at it you will see that to the extreme left you have the Parallel Operation control and below it you have 2 Parallel Operation Outlets. These are used for connecting 2 generators for parallel operations.

Next to the 2 parallel operation outlets you have a circuit breaker and next to that you have a 12Volt 8 amp DC outlet. Above the circuit breaker and the 12 Volt outlet you have 120Volt AC 20 amp Duplex outlets and just below and to the right of these outlets you have the Ground Terminal.

Start up
The Champion Power Equipment 73536i inverter generator uses a recoil rope starter system to start the engine. Here are the steps to be taken to start this generator.

  1. Make sure that the generator is on a flat level surface.
  2. Disconnect all electrical loads from the generator.
  3. Turn the Fuel cap vent lever to the On position.
  4. Turn the Fuel valve lever to the On position.
  5. Pull the Choke lever out.
  6. Turn the Engine switch to the On position.
  7. Pull the Starter cord slowly till resistance is felt the pull it sharply.
  8. As the engine warms up push the Choke lever back in.

Shut Down

  1. Turn Off and unplug all electric loads.
  2. Let the generator run for a couple of minutes at No Load to stabilize the temperature.
  3. Turn the Fuel valve to the Off position and let the engine run out of fuel.
  4. Turn the Engine switch to the Off position.
  5. Allow the generator to cool down to room temperature.
  6. Turn the Fuel cap vent lever to the Off position.

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Here is a list of the features of the Champion Power Equipment 73536i inverter generator.

  1. It is lightweight only 49 lbs.
  2. It is very quite only produces 53 db of noise at 23 feet making it one of the quietest generators on the market.
  3. It has true sine wave inverter technology which lets it deliver clean electricity safe for all your sensitive electronic equipment.
  4. It has an economy mode where the engine automatically idles lower when there is a reduced load saving both fuel as well as engine wear.
  5. It is CARB compliant and available in all 50 states.
  6. It has built in overload protection.
  7. It is capable of being connected to another similar generator for parallel operation.
  8. It has a built in handle with a stack-able design.
  9. It has an easy pull recoil start.
  10. It has a low oil shut off sensor.

Care and Maintenance and Use

It is important that you take care of your Champion Power Equipment 73536i inverter generator to ensure that it runs at its best and gives you a long service life. You need to keep the generator clean from dust and dirt by wiping it down with a soft cloth. Here is the maintenance schedule as recommended by Champion Power Equipment.

First 5 hours

  1. Change the engine oil.

Every 8 hours or daily

  1. Check oil level.
  2. Clean around the muffler and the air intake.

Every 50 hours or Every Season

  1. Clean the air filter.
  2. Change the oil if operating under heavy loads or hot conditions.

Every 100 hours or Every Season

  1. Change the engine oil.
  2. Clean and adjust the spark plug gap.
  3. Check and adjust the valve clearances.
  4. Clean the spark arrestor.
  5. Clean the fuel tank and filter.

Every 3 years

  1. Replace the fuel line.

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Warranty and Repairs

CPE 2 year limited warranty

Limited Warranty

The Champion Power Equipment 73536i generator is covered by a 2 year limited warranty. In order to avail of this warranty you will need to register the warranty with your warranty registration card and sales receipt with Champion Power Equipment within 10 days of purchase.

The warranty is not transferable and is only available to the original purchaser of the unit. The warranty covers the cost of replacement of defective parts and the labor for the first year and only parts in the second year. Commercial users are covered for parts and labor for 90 days after purchase of the unit and only parts for 180 days from purchase. All transportation costs of the unit are to be borne by the customer.

Warranty is covered in there plan language warranty book and requires you to start with their technical service to troubleshoot any issue via phone or e-mail..

Consumer Comments

The Champion Power Equipment 73536i inverter generator gets 4.3 stars out of 5 on Amazon. Most of the people who bought this unit were very pleased with its performance. They liked the fact that it was very quiet to run, they also liked the fact that it was cheap as compared to other similar units and that it was very fuel efficient.

Additional customers are indicating that it performs to expectations and recommend it as a good to great alternative when compared to the more expensively priced inverting generators available.

Users comment on starting up as easy and doing the job that they want. Even using it with the RVs without problems, Easy starting for the most part with just a couple of pulls and rope pull was very easy almost to easy thinking you might have broken the rope.

Indications are it’s worth buying again to run some basic household appliances during power outages. But don’t expect to run a lot of them.

In the quality area it gets good comments, but there have been instances of bad choke settings and no working. As with many items that come from the China manufacturing there seems to be a small number that should not have passed quality control. Others that are disappointed are in not getting the full wattage expected, which could be attributed to weak performance of the engine or other settings as well as elevation losses.

One user tested several tools and appliances indicating that the generator failed to work. What was noticeable is that the tools have a large surge requirement and are likely not to work based on that alone. Otherwise indications are it meets most expectations.

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Pros & Cons


  • It is very quite, produces only 53 db of sound.
  • It is very compact and lightweight at 49 lbs.
  • It has true sine wave technology to give you clean power to run sensitive electronic equipment.
  • It is very fuel efficient having a run time of 9 hours on one gallon of gas at 25% load capacity.
  • It is much lesser priced than other comparable units.
  • It is CARB compliant and available in all 50 states.
  • It can surge up to 2,000watts.


  • Not as quite as the Honda inverters
  • Surge capacity is low therefore making it restrictive on using certain tools or appliances.
  • Limited number of appliances at this wattage level, but sufficient for most small needs.


The inverter generator can be found on Amazon for about $600.00 but the shipping charges vary between the suppliers from $30. to $90.00. As of this writing there were no Amazon Prime shipping available. There may be a refurbished models available at up to 30% discount.

Check here for latest pricing: Champion Power Equipment 73536i 2,000 Watt 4-Stroke Gas Powered Portable Inverter Generator (CARB Compliant)


The accessories available for this generator include:

a cover from Champion that keeps the generator protected from inclement weather and dust when not in use: Champion Power Equipment C90010 Cover


Champion also has a parallel power kit that can be used to combine the power of 2 of these generators: Champion Power Equipment 73500i Parallel Power Kit For 73536i

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The Champion Power Equipment 73536i gas powered portable inverter generator is a very compact and lightweight unit. It is one of the quietest inverters on the market and it is priced much lower than other similar inverter generators.

It is also very economical to use and is backed by a very efficient customer service from Champion Power Equipment. Though this generator can only surge up to 2,000 watts it is capable of being connected in parallel with another similar generator to give you up to 3,000 watts of continuous output.

This inverter also incorporates true sine wave technology to deliver clean electricity to run sensitive electronic equipment. This generator is ideal for camping or to be used in your RV. It can also be used in your cabin where you do not have electricity.

Being lightweight it is ideal for those tail gating parties or to be used at a job site to power a few power tools. It is also an excellent generator to have at home as a backup during power outages to run the essential appliances.

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