Briggs & Stratton 30471 8000/10000 Watt Portable Generator Review

Briggs & Stratton 30471 8k/10k W Portable Generator

Briggs & Stratton 8k/10k W Portable Generator

Briggs & Stratton 30471 is a 8,000/10000 Watt gas powered portable generator with Wheel Kit and electric start. It is not CARB Compliant and is intended for major power supply usage.

Briggs and Stratton have been in the business of manufacturing small engines and power equipment for over 100 years. They are well known for their Lawn tractors and other power equipment. Their range of generators include both portable as well as permanently installed.

The Briggs and Stratton 30471 generator is one of the portable generators that they manufacture and it can give out an out put of 8,000 watts continuously while being able to surge up to 10,000 watts.

With this kind of an output, this is a generator that can be used as a backup when you have power outages at your home or you could use it at your job site where you need to run your many power tools or even on your farm to run your electrical equipment.

This unit can be up and running in under 30 minutes and even as little as 15 minutes from the time you receive it.

Power Output and Generation

This Briggs and Stratton 30471 generator has a good supply of power at 8,000 watts continuous while being able to surge up to 10,000 watts.

It has a Briggs and Stratton 420 cc OHV engine with 21.0 ft-lbs of gross torque which runs at 3600 rpm. It comes with low oil alert and will shut down on low oil pressure. This is an electric start model and does come with a battery and has a recoil rope alternate.

The engine oil recommendation is for 36 oz (1L) of a synthetic 5W30 to cover all temperature ranges. Typically B&S provides the first oil fill. Additional options are given the owners manual if typical 10W-30 or other designations are used. Pay attention to this as oil consumption can increase. Also do not use special additives. Check the owners manual for best practices.

Electrical Output Receptacles

This unit has a very straight forward outlet panel with covered receptacles to protect against weather and debris.

This unit will supply AC Voltage at both 120 and 240 Volts,

  • at 240 Volts it has 33.3 Amps = 7992W
  • at 120 Volts it can supply 66.6 Amps =7992W
  • The unit has 2 duplex sets for four 3 prong NEMA 5 outlets with a max of 20 amps per set of outlets. In the wiring diagram the two bottom and two top are on the same circuit respectively. Therefore you could pull full 40 amps through one duplex set..
  • It has one L14-30 amp receptacle for 120V or 240V use.

This gives the ability to use all sets of outlets in combination up to the continuous rated 7992W and not overloading any one outlet. Example for a 120V say you use 27 amps from the L14 outlet you still have the ability to pull a combined 39.6 amps to pull through the duplex sets.

Fuel Type and Noise Levels:

The Briggs and Stratton 30471 generator uses unleaded gasoline as fuel. It has a large fuel tank which can hold up to 7 gallons of gas and the tank does have a fuel gauge. This generator is capable of running for 8 to 9 hours at 50% load capacity on one tank of gas. This is reasonable fuel efficiency, One user indicated he was burning about a gallon an hour even near full load.

Both the 10% ethanol or 15% MTBE are acceptable gasoline mixtures. 87 octane or 85 at high altitude are minimum levels.

The dealer can also provide high altitude adjustment kit to keep performance up. (Note that using the high altitude kit is only recommended for use above 2500 ft. Below that the engine will run to lean and potentially damage the unit.


There is no published sound level information on this unit. And with many Briggs and Stratton engines they are no especially quiet. One user commented that they thought the generator was as loud as a lawn tractor. Others indicated it’s not real loud.

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Dimensions and Weight

The Briggs and Stratton 30471 gas powered generator measures in at 34.75 x 26.75 x 23 inches ( L x H x W ) and it weighs in at 251 lbs. and you can add another 40 or so when full of gas.

For the amount of power this generator produces it is reasonably compact. You should be able to store it in the side of a suburban garage at 2 foot wide and using the 3 foot dimension lengthwise.

The never flat wheel kit size seems to be misleading as even on B&S site the specifications are for both 8 inch and 12 inch wheels. It does come with a fold down T-handle for moving it around. Ease of use will be based on your personal experience with this configuration.

Typical Uses and Needs

The Briggs and Stratton 30471 gas powered generator with its output of 8,000 watts of continuous power and a surge capacity of 10,000 watts makes it an ideal generator to have as a backup power source for your home during power outages.

It can run quite a few appliances at the same time ensuring that you have the essentials running in your home. It is also a good generator to have at those job sites where you do not have electricity and need to power your power tools or farm equipment.

With its long run time of 6 to 9 hours at 50% to full load capacity, its a fairly efficient portable generator, It’s great for providing needed power, but because of fuel consumption you will likely need a good supply of gasoline for long term outages.

Display & Control Panel, Start-up

Briggs 30471 8000W Control Panel

Briggs 30471 8000W Control Panel

The control panel of the Briggs and Stratton 30471generator is very simple and easy to use.

When you face the control panel you will find that to the extreme left you have the hour meter on the top and the Choke lever below it. Next to it on the right you have the Electric start switch and below that you have the battery float charger outlet.

Continuing to the right you have the circuit breaker for the 120/240Volt 30 amp outlet . Next to this circuit breaker to the right you have the 120/240Volt 30 amp receptacle (L14-30R). To the right of this outlet you have a duplex 120Volt 20 amp receptacle and next to it you have the circuit breakers which control the duplex receptacles. Next to the circuit breakers you have another set of 120Volt 20 amp duplex receptacles.

Start up
This Briggs and Stratton generator is equipped with an electrical start and also has a recoil rope start system. Here are the steps to start the generator.

  1. Make sure that the generator is on a flat level surface.
  2. Disconnect all loads from the generator.
  3. Turn the Fuel valve to the On position.
  4. Pull the Choke lever out.
  5. For electric start, turn and hold the Key to the Start position till the engine starts.
  6. For manual start, turn the Key in the start switch to the Run position. Pull the recoil rope slowly till you feel a resistance then pull it sharply.
  7. When the engine starts push the Choke lever In slowly as the engine warms up.

Shut Down

  1. Turn OFF and unplug all electrical loads.
  2. Let the engine run for a few minutes without a load to stabilize the engine temperature.
  3. Turn the Key to the Off position.
  4. Turn the Fuel valve to the Off position.

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Here is a list of the features of the Briggs and Stratton 30471 gas powered portable generator.

  1. It features a Briggs and Stratton 2100 series OHV 420 cc engine for a long life with high performance and a great fuel efficiency.
  2. It has a power surge alternator that produces power to start appliances..
  3. It has rubber outlet covers for added protection.
  4. It has an electric start for convenience.
  5. Comes with the battery and first oil service.
  6. It has 8 or 12 inch never go flat wheels which make it easy to move it where ever you need it.
  7. It has a 3 year limited warranty.

Care and Maintenance and Use

To get the utmost out of this generator you will need to take proper care and do periodic maintenance. Also when using the generator do not put excessive loads on it for long periods of time. Like any engine you will need to see that it has enough oil and the air filter and spark plug are clean for it to run at its best.

Here are the guidelines as suggested by Briggs & Stratton.

First 5 Hours

  1. Change engine oil.

Every 8 hours or Daily

  1. Clean the debris.
  2. Check the engine oil level.

Every 25 hours

  1. Clean the air filter.

Every 50 hours

  1. Change the engine oil.


  1. Replace air filter.
  2. Service fuel valve.
  3. Service the spark plug.
  4. Inspect the muffler and the spark arrestor.
  5. Clean the cooling system.

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Warranty and Repairs

Briggs and Stratton warranty for this generator covers the engine for a period of 2 years from all defects in parts and workmanship and all other components for a period of 3 years for the consumer.

For industrial or commercial users the warranty covers the engine and all parts for a period of 1 year. The warranty period begins from the date of purchase.

Typical use, abuse, and maintenance restrictions apply.

Consumer Comments

The Briggs and Stratton 30471 generator gets 4.1 stars out of 5 on Amazon. The customers who bought this generator were very pleased with its performance and solid durable construction.

The users say it functions well even after hardly using it for a year. They commented on the value for the cost and had no qualms about recommending to anyone needing a portable gas powered generator with the power availability of 8,000 watts

Several commented on appreciating that they had no problems and how the unit started up immediately. More than once they commented on the history of quality of Briggs and Stratton and how they deliver a great product.

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Pros & Cons


  • It has 4 120Volt 5-20R amp outlets and 1 L14-30R 120/240 Volt 30 amp locking outlet.
  • It has a 7 gallon fuel tank which lets it run for 6 to 9 hours from full load or 50% load capacity.
  • It has rubber outlet covers for protection when not in use.
  • It has an hour meter to let you know how long it has been running.
  • It has an electric start for convenience.
  • It has never go flat tires for easy mobility.
  • It has a 3 year limited warranty.
  • Well built and durable as well as dependable.


  • It is a little more pricy than units in the 7500W range, but repetitively competitive.
  • It is heavy and requires some thought to move around.
  • It consumes a lot of gasoline due to the higher output.


The Briggs and Stratton 30471 8000W/10000W gas powered portable generator has a list price of about $1300.00 but it is available on Amazon for under $1200.00 with free shipping.

Check here for latest price discount: Briggs & Stratton 30471 8,000/10k Watt 420cc Gas Powered Portable Generator With Wheel Kit


Accessories for this generator include a dust cover that keeps it free from dust and moisture when not in use.

Classic Accessories 79547 Generator Cover, X-Large, Black

You can also get a transfer switch and inlet box from Reliance to transfer the power safely to your house.

Reliance Controls 31410CRK Pro/Tran 10-Circuit 30 Amp Generator Transfer Switch Kit With Transfer Switch, 10-Foot Power Cord, And Power Inlet Box For Up To 7,500-Watt Generators
More info: PowerupGenerator RC 31410 Review

You can also get power cord in different lengths to help you transfer power from the generator to your appliances.

Champion Power Equipment No.48036 25-Feet 30-Amp Generator Power Cord

Reliance Controls PC3040 40-Feet 30-Amp L14-30 Generator Power Cord for Up to 7500-Watt Generators

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The Briggs and Stratton 30471 portable gas powered generator with an output of 8,000 watts of continuous power and being able to surge up to 10,000 watts makes it an ideal generator as a back up source of power for your home during power outages.

It can easily run all your essential equipment and keep you comfortable. It is also a good generator for powering your power tools at a job site or farm where there is no electricity.

It’s a solid build, dependable unit that is known for durability and reliability. It’s priced to compete with similar size generators and is a good value. Some users rate it higher in there reviews than other manufactures which have been thought to have a better reputation.

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