All Power America APG3012 2500 Watt Portable Generator Review

All Power America APG3012

All Power America APG3012

One of the new player products on the markets is the All Power America APG 3012 gasoline powered generator. It’s a 2500W continuous/3250W surge power generator. It is a very economical solution as a back up power source at home as well as outdoors. This unit is non-CARB Compliant.

All Power America is a company that entered the American market quite recently. It markets power equipment and power tools.

Though this company is relatively new in the market, all its products have a dedicated team of engineers standing behind them, this has let this company put out products that are not only efficient and economic but durable as well.

Power Output and Generation

The All Power America APG3012 gasoline powered generator has a 6.5 hp 4 stroke OHV air cooled motor and can deliver 2,500 watts (125V rating) of electrical power continuously while being able to handle 3,250 watts of surge output.

With a fuel capacity of only 4 gallons this little generator is capable of running at 50% load capacity for up to 8 hours.

A significant limitation of the output is that this unit only is only set up for 120Vs with two duplex (L5-20R) outlets. Which makes it usable for most power tools and appliances, but is not setup for RV or L14 twist lock switches or setups. It does have a 12V DC output as well which makes it usable for a number of charging or small electronic devices. (The output may vary as this is not an inverter equipped unit.)

The combined output is limited to 20 amps allowing only 2400W of usable power. Note that one user did wire this unit into his electrical box and was able to run several appliances like gas heat, fridge, sump, tv and lights. Although not recommended for this setup you can make it work.

got here: for receptacle types.

Fuel Type and Noise Levels:

The All Power America APG3012 generator runs on unleaded gasoline and has a fuel tank capacity of 4 gallons which lets it run for 8 hours while delivering 50% of its load capacity. 1200W can run several appliances and lights. Fuel gauge is also included to monitor your current supply.

Oil is only required for the crane case and All Power indicates SAE10W-30 is required. 0.6 quart (.56 liter) is needed.

Noise: This generator is also very quite compared to others in its size class with an operating noise level of only 68 dB. Anything below 70dB is reasonable and tolerable.

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Dimensions and Weight

The overall dimensions of the All Power America APG3012 generator are 24x 18x 18 inches about the size of a regular cooler and the weight of this generator is around 100 lbs. With gas (6 lbs per gal) about 125 lbs. This is a nice compact unit and will store and transport easily.

At this wieght a couple of strong folks can move it around for short distances or heft into the back of a pickup. So the portability is more limited than a unit with a wheel kit. It not using a kit a dolly or a hand truck might be advisable.

Typical Uses and Needs

The APG3012 delivers 2,500 watts, it is comparatively a small generator so it will likely not run your whole house during power outages, but it will very easily run the essentials so that you do not have to leave your home. You could also use this portable generator when you need power in the outdoors, especially when camping or doing other outdoor activities.

With its fuel efficiency this generator is a good supplement for job sites where you need to run just a few power tools at one time. For its price and its fuel consumption this little generator makes it ideal as a back up power source and can even be run for a few days at a time.

Display & Control Panel, Start-up

All Power APG-3012 Control Panel

APG-3012 Control Panel

The control panel of the All Power America APG3012 is very clear and easy to understand, to the left is the power switch for the engine to turn it On or Off, below that is a small oil alert lamp which lights up when the engine is low on oil.

Next to the right you have two AC 120 volt outlets and above these outlets you have a reset/circuit breaker. Next to the left you have the 12 volt DC outlets and above these outlets you have the reset/circuit breaker for the 12 volt outlets.

Start up
This generator uses a recoil pull rope (recoil) system for starting. Here are the steps to start the AGP 3012 generator.

  1. Before you start the generator make sure that it is placed on level ground.
  2. Check the oil level and also the fuel level.
  3. Turn the fuel valve to the On position.
  4. Turn the engine switch to the On position.
  5. Move the choke lever to the Closed position.
  6. Pull on the Starter grip slowly till you feel some resistance. Then pull it briskly. If the engine does not start, return the starter grip slowly and try again till the engine catches.
  7. As the engine warms up move the choke lever to the Open position.
  8. Let the engine warm up before you connect any loads.

Advice for use: Warm it up before plugging in anything. Plug in only one high wattage appliance at a time and wait for the engine to run smoothly again before adding the next one.

Shut Down
To shut down the generator you have to;

  1. Remove all electrical load
  2. Turn the engine switch to the Off position.
  3. Turn the fuel valve to the Off position.

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Additional Features

Here is a list of the features of the All Power America APG 3012 generator

  1. It has a 6.5 hp 4 stroke OHV engine, air cooled.
  2. Engine has rubber mounts to limit noise and vibration.
  3. Additional rubber seats for frame to ground to furture isolate generator from noise due to vibration.
  4. It can supply 20 amps at 120 volts = 2,400 watts of continuous power and surge power up to 3,250 watts.
  5. It has 2 120 volt outlets and one 12 volt DC outlet.
  6. Noise level for this generator is 68 dB.
  7. As a fuel tank that holds 4 gallons of fuel and can run up to 8 hours at 50% loads.
  8. Fuel Gauge
  9. It is comparatively light weight.

Care and Maintenance and Use

To get the most out of your All Power America APG 3012 generator you will need to take proper care of it and do regular maintenance. Do not expose the generator to rain or wet conditions also when the generator is not in use check to see that the engine switch is in the OFF position and also disconnect the spark plug.

Care and Maintenance

  • Before each use check the generator for any loose screws, misaligned or binding parts, cracked or broken parts and any other condition that may affect the safe operation.
  • Also check both the oil level and the gas level to see that you are not low on either.
  • Clean the generator of all debris with a rag or small brush.
  • Lubricate all moving parts with lightweight machine oil.
  • After every 50 hours of use drain and refill the engine oil.
  • Check the air filter and see that it is moist with oil.
  • After every 300 hours of use have a qualified technician perform a through inspection and maintenance of both the engine and the generator.


  • Replace the fuel filter.
  • Replace the air filter.
  • Replace the spark plug.
  • Clean the air cooling system.

Although the annual assumes significant use you may check and clean the components to determine if replacement is necessary.

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Warranty and Repairs

Warranty is weak compared to some of the other major brands. Based on the pricing structure being low, it is likely they do not build in any margin in their sales cost to cover an extended warranty.

The All Power America APG3012 generator is covered by a limited warranty that covers the generator and all parts from defects in workmanship and materials and All power will replace these parts free of cost. Labor is not included.

This warranty is for a period of 1 year for the consumer and it is valid for 90 days for the commercial user. For processing a warranty claim the product must be evaluated by an Authorized Warranty Service center. The freight costs to the warranty service center must be paid by the purchaser.

Note modifying this unit with even adding wheels could void your warranty.

Consumer Comments

The  APG3012 generator scores 4.1 stars out of 5 on Amazon. The customers who bought this generator liked it and commented on how little it was and it ran like a champ. Several noted very affordable when compared to other units.

Comments about buying it again as well as recommending it to other family members were noted. In the noise area It was noted how much quieter than others they’ve heard.

Most of the customers who bought this generator were very satisfied with its performance. For its size and performance it is suitable as a back up power source in times of emergencies to keep essential appliances in the house running.

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Pros & Cons


  • It is an efficient generator which puts out 2,400 watts of continuous power.
  • Very fuel efficient, running for 8 hours at 50% load on 4 gallons of fuel.
  • Starts very easily.
  • It is comparatively very quite.
  • No assembly required.
  • Very compact in size.
  • Has leads to run 12 volt DC equipment.


  • Lack of wheels make it difficult to move it around.
  • Need two people to move it.
  • Lack of 240V or L14 recpectacle.


The list price of the All Power America APG3012 Portable Generator retails at about $ 330.00; on Amazon you can get one of these generators between $ 250.00 to $ 280.00 some offered with free shipping.

At this price range this is one of the cheapest generators on the market that can deliver 2,400 watts of electricity. Not only is this generator cheaper than many comparable generators, but it is also well made and customers who have used it have had no problems with it.


There are no listed accessories available for this product. Though you could find a generator cover which would help you keep your generator protected and free from the elements of nature when not in use.

Honda Generator Cover Heavy Duty Series, EU3000i


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The All Power America APG3012 is a very well made generator. For its size and the output it provides it is a very capable generator being able to run for long hours at a time delivering the 2,400 watts of power.

In its size and class it is one of the cheapest generators available and can be compared in performance to other generators that are much higher priced.

Though it cannot run a whole household, it is a very handy back up power source to have in times of emergencies. It can keep the essentials running in your home without a problem for long periods of time if necessary.

It is also very handy as a power source when you have to run limited power tools on a job site where no electricity is available. It is an ideal companion to take camping or for those tail gating parties when you need a small power source to keep everything going.

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